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GoransonBain Ausley has focused exclusively on family law issues for more than three decades. Our family law attorneys serve clients throughout the state. Our approach to family law is to strive for the best possible outcome while minimizing disruption in the lives of their clients. Each of the firm’s Dallas, Plano and Austin family law attorneys operates keeping in mind that maintaining a constructive environment during a stressful time is the best way to work. This not only reduces conflict and the resulting emotional and psychological impact for all involved, but can also help lessen time and costs by avoiding unnecessary delays, diversions and posturing.

The firm takes care to treat every client with dignity, taking time to understand his or her unique perspective, which is sometimes difficult during a crisis. Attorneys not only help clients handle the practical aspects of a case but also assist them with transitioning to the next phase in their lives. We have earned a reputation for delivering excellent legal advice to clients in difficult situations, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our representation to your specific needs.

Our legal team can help the residents of Texas with the following family law matters:


Few events in life are as painful, disruptive and emotionally traumatic as a divorce. Even the most cooperative couples experience emotional stress, and divorce proceedings involving children or sizeable assets are particularly prone to emotional strain for all parties. Making life-altering decisions about custody or division of property is extremely difficult, and your family lawyer has the responsibility to help you to create an agreement that addresses your needs in a way that also protects your future.

Flat Fee Divorce: Spouses who are parting amicably and do not need to negotiate child custody issues or property and asset division can benefit from a flat fee divorce. This type of arrangement can control costs, eliminate the risk of incurring unexpected fees, and limit disruptions in life while going through a divorce. To determine whether a flat fee divorce is an advantageous option for you, take this interactive quiz.

Collaborative Divorce: Collaborative Divorce (also known as Collaborative Law) attempts to minimize the destruction that frequently accompanies divorce. Attorneys at GoransonBain Ausley are pioneers in collaborative law in Texas and support this non-adversarial approach to resolving family conflict. Collaborative divorce offers a solution-focused approach that enables participants to reach a mutually beneficial agreement unencumbered by typical limitations of the law and courts. Bypassing use of the court system, this method streamlines the process considerably by avoiding many of the costs, delays and requirements associated with litigation. It also allows clients to avoid the exposure of a public trial, seemingly arbitrary rulings from a judge or jury, and artificial timetables imposed by a judicial system that was never designed to accommodate family law conflict. We understand that many families benefit by deciding the terms of their divorce, rather than relying on the courts.


Mediation is a non-adversarial resolution process that takes place outside the courtroom with an impartial mediator facilitating negotiations between the divorcing couple to help them reach a settlement. Couples may choose mediation to keep control over the process and outcome of their dispute and avoid the high costs of litigation. Or a judge may order mediation before permitting a case to proceed to trial.

Mediation can help to resolve financial and property matters and child-related issues, and attorneys at GoransonBain Ausley have completed specialized training in mediation and will help you determine if mediation is the right choice for you.

GoransonBain Ausley thoroughly evaluates your individual circumstances to recommend a settlement method that is right for you. We keep your interests at the forefront of our efforts, providing reliable counsel based on years of family law and divorce experience. Together we will develop a strategy that puts you in the best legal position possible.

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Asset and Wealth Identification & Valuation

During a marriage, you and your spouse likely accumulated substantial assets that you now must divide equitably. This process is made more difficult by the emotional attachment you may have to certain items and the financial opportunities you may have in others. Taking an inventory of your property and assets can be a daunting task.

GoransonBain Ausley guides clients through the process of identifying, valuing and dividing marital property. With more than 40 years of experience in high-asset divorce, our lawyers help you retain your rightful portion of your property. Together we will take strategic steps to protect your business and preserve the assets you worked so hard to earn.

Premarital and Post-marital Agreements

Contrary to conventional wisdom, premarital and post-marital agreements can provide structure, clarity, and a pathway to a successful marriage by eliminating one of the most powerful marital stressors: money. A prenuptial or pre-marital agreement addresses financial issues that may otherwise become a wedge between you during your marriage and can secure and protect your financial future. A postnuptial agreement can fortify a marriage that has been shaken by money issues or other matters that married couples often encounter.

As more and more couples choose to remarry or marry later in life, many of them see the wisdom of creating such an agreement to ensure a predictable and orderly transition if things do not work out.

Post Judgment Modifications & Enforcement

Child custody, child support, and other family law judgments are not necessarily written in stone.  When unforeseen conditions arise that materially and substantially alter the situation, it can become necessary to revisit and revise the original agreement.

Consider this scenario. At the time of divorce parents agree to a certain schedule for the children to spend time with each of them. But years later, the kids are older, perhaps one of the parents has remarried, and the circumstances have significantly changed to the degree that the schedule is no longer workable or in the best interest of the children. A change in the parenting schedule is necessary.

In another situation—a parent agrees to pay a specific amount of support but later on a sudden change in income, employment or assets makes it impossible to continue that support. This necessitates amendment of child support.

Our Dallas family lawyers take timely, decisive steps to protect your rights to equitable child support allocation. We help you obtain immediate relief and consider options that result in long-term remedies.

Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody is one of the most emotional areas of family law, and every member of the GoransonBain Ausley team understands that your child’s well-being is your number one priority as a parent. While aggressively protecting our clients’ rights, we also keep the best interests of their children at the forefront by keeping them out of the litigation if possible.

Most mothers and fathers recognize that having a positive and nurturing relationship with both parents is an important part of a child’s self-esteem and well-being. However, in the heat of the moment, the stress and negative emotions that punctuate most family law disputes often interfere with a parent’s ability to recognize the harm caused by ongoing parental conflicts.

As with all of our family law services, we strive to avoid unnecessary emotional pain for your family. If we become aware that your child is struggling, we will discretely bring it to your attention. We believe it is essential for parents to actively manage the emotional impact of custody litigation on themselves to better protect the child from collateral harm.

Property Division

A couple that has been married and built a life together for any length of time is likely to have acquired a mixture of different kinds of assets and debts during that time. Spouses often disagree not only on who is entitled to what, but also on the process of dividing the assets. Rarely is marital property easily converted to liquid or near-liquid form.

And the higher the net worth of the family, the more likely it is that holdings are tied up in business ownership, real estate, trusts, investment portfolios, retirement funds, pensions and other vehicles that are difficult to value, liquidate, and divide equitably.

No matter the size of your estate, GoransonBain Ausley will guide you through the asset division process in an efficient and informed manner to achieve a property division that meets your goals and needs.

Child Support

Few family law issues are more emotionally charged than determining how much money the non-custodial parent should pay for the support of his or her child. While child support is almost universally viewed as a responsibility and an obligation, determining an appropriate amount often leads to disputes. This holds especially true for parents with higher incomes or significant estates.

At GoransonBain Ausley, our lawyers know Texas law regarding child support and advocate tirelessly for the outcome that is in the best interests of you and your child(ren). We work with our clients to evaluate the actual financial needs of the children, and then advocate a child support amount that accurately balances these needs with the parent’s financial abilities.


The decision to adopt a child can be one of the most rewarding, joyous and altruistic moments of a person’s life. It can be the beginning of a richer, happier future for both parent and child. However, the choice to adopt gives rise to an array of complex legal issues.

Couples who choose to adopt always are concerned about consent. Many decisions must be made about the level of contact the birth parents will have with the child. They may wonder about what would happen if a biological parent or surrogate had second thoughts or if the biological parents reach out several years later asking to see their daughter/son. These thought could keep anyone awake all night.

Attorneys at GoransonBain Ausley remain part of the adoption process from the moment you decide you want to adopt a child until you welcome her or him into your home. Bringing new families together through the adoption process in particular is a joy the staff relishes.

We are knowledgeable about local and international law and different state regulations regarding adoption. Your child’s best interests are a priority and we protect your family by providing the legal and emotional support you need to extend your family.


Even with scientific tests proving paternity, answering the question, “Who is the father?” is not always a straightforward process.

The court will either acknowledge, presume, or adjudicate a paternity claim. A father is presumed the parent if the parties are married at the time the child is born or if the father consented to being listed on the child’s birth certificate. A presumed father is assumed to be the father unless he or the mother proves otherwise in court. An adjudicated, presumed, or acknowledged father is legally obligated to support his children financially.

With more than 20 years of experience, GoransonBain Ausley can help you prove or disprove claims of paternity — both with and without resorting to litigation.


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