Texas Post-Judgment Modification and Enforcement

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Making Sense Of Texas Court Orders

A divorce doesn’t sever ties between former spouses completely – especially when children are involved. If you believe court orders involved in your case need modifying or enforcing, we can advise you on what to do next.

Life rarely stands still for long. Children grow up fast and their needs develop along the way. If circumstances have changed since the time of the original court order concerning your children, we can help you assess whether your custody order or child support payments are still reasonable or need to be modified.

Revising Original Agreements After Divorce

Here is a common scenario that impacts the parenting schedule: At the time of divorce, the parents agree to a certain schedule for the children to spend time with both parents. Years later, the children are older, perhaps one of the parents has remarried, and the circumstances have changed to such a significant degree that the schedule is no longer in the best interest of the children.

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The Final Divorce Decree is Not Etched in Stone

Partner Esther Donald explains how divorce decrees can be modified.

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