Will Summer Possession Still Take Place?

During the continued impact of COVID-19 on child custody, many are not sure if summer possession and visitation will still take place. Family law attorney Lindsey Obenahus explains that at this time, extended summer possession is not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Texas Supreme Court guidance orders that possession shall continue pursuant to the Court order. However, if travel is still affected by the COVID-19 virus at the time of summer possession, or a stay at place order is in effect, the ability of a parent to travel or take a vacation will obviously be limited.

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Yes, we’re planning on summer possession still taking place as originally anticipated in your possession schedule. If shelter-in-place or anything gets extended, it’s going to be important to check your state bar or your local county bar association website to see how your courts are responding to any potential increases in shelter-in-place or extensions of that. If school continues into the summer or any other anticipated circumstance, it’s important to check with your family law attorney or these resources to check if your summer possession will be impacted. If you’re planning any travel with your kids this summer, it’s important to check the local travel advisories for where you’re going, if they were a hotspot, if there’s any requirements that you need to go there. It’s also important to stay in touch with your other co-parent about your travel plans. If your underlying possession order has any notice requirements, like if you’re doing any international or sometimes even out-of-state travel, can require the other parent to notify the other parent of where they’re going and the travel information. So right now is really the time more than ever to try to be transparent with the other co-parent about where you’re going with your kids and what your plans are to help their safety.

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