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What is a High-Conflict Personality?

Thomas A. Greenwald | February 22, 2019


A high-conflict personality person is a person who typically is a very rigid thinker, someone who thinks in very black and white terms, and they are also people who do not like surprises and get very frustrated and angry if they’re surprised. Contrary to what most people think, high-conflict personalities are not just involved in high-conflict cases. If you find yourself in a situation with the high-conflict, personality, there are three things you wanna consider. Number one is, don’t expect the person to change. The second thing is, don’t engage with the person and the third thing is, allow them to participate in the process.

A difficult personality is not something that can be dealt with like every other case. And if you get aggressive, if you create unnecessary conflict, it’s just gonna to add to the expense and the length of the litigation. I think the most important thing is to work with an attorney that understands high-conflict personalities. My goal is for each client to have a sense of peace and calm throughout the process, to help them develop a plan toward an efficient and effective resolution of their case.

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