How Standard Possession Order is Defined in Texas

The Standard Possession Order is very specific in the state of Texas which is different from other states. There are three distinct areas that are important to know. One is what is the normal school schedule throughout the school year, the second part is the holidays, and the third part is the summer schedule. And so I always tell my clients there is a way to reach an agreement and have a choice. But most clients do not understand this and it’s a high area of conflict.

There is always flexibility. What you kind of have to understand when you’re going through this is you have to have a very structured schedule in the court order. You can change it at any time whenever you want to change it from the day it’s signed forward as long as there is an agreement. Probably the most important advice I have is they realize how important it is for the two parents to come up with a schedule and buy into it and agree to it. If the two parents are able to agree to it, it’s seems like the children do much, much better.

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