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Divorce Attorney Explains What Happens After Filing for Divorce?

Caroline Galloway | February 14, 2019


There’s three major things that happen after you file for divorce. First, service. Second, the standing orders, and next, informal or formal discovery. After you file for a divorce, you will need to serve your husband or wife either formally or informally. The next thing that happens once you file for divorce is that the standing orders go into effect. These are rules that each county sets out for how parties should behave during the divorce. The third thing that happens after you file for a divorce is the determination of whether you are going to pursue formal or informal discovery. The advice I would give someone who has just filed for divorce is to sit down and know your three major goals. What are the three most important things to you at the end of this divorce? My goal as an attorney is that at the end of the case, you are the most whole that you can be. That financially and emotionally you are set up to thrive in your life after divorce.

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