Dallas Family Lawyer Explains How to Manage a Child Custody Battle

The goal most parents have in regards to a divorce is to protect the interest of their children and to make sure the divorce itself has a minimal impact on their kids. A contested custody battle is the unfortunate scenario where two parents can’t agree on where the children will reside primarily or what a visitation schedule will look like for the children between two new homes.

There are a number of ways contested custody cases are resolved, usually a hearing of some sort is required. Oftentimes, the court will order what’s called a child custody evaluation where a neutral third party comes in, interviews the children as well as any other witnesses that are available. And then finally, if the parties are unable to reach any sort of universal agreement, the judge or jury decides where the children will live.

The cons of litigation are many, they are expensive, they are emotionally trying on both the children and the parties involved. I always tell my clients to not worry about the small stuff when going through a contested custody case. You always want to focus on the long term goals. You don’t want to react negatively and for a great case to be thrown sideways just because somebody reacted in a way that they shouldn’t have. I want to help them reach their goals in the most constructive and cost-effective way possible with minimal effect on their children.

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