Austin Child Custody Attorney Explains Texas Child Custody Laws

In the Texas Family Code, there is no custody. It is possession, and access, and conservatorship. If you look at the definition of conservatorship, it entails those rights and duties and decisions that parents make regarding their minor child. The three major rights that need to be made by agreement are educational decisions, psychiatric decisions, or non-emergency invasive procedures. To do conservatorship, and possession, and access as a package, to do it right for your child, you really need to think about the evolution of your child. You need to think about where your child is now and what they’re going to grow into in the future. And when making these decisions, it’s extremely important to put your child first. And so my goal is to encourage my clients to take the high road, encourage my clients to put those differences aside for their children so that their children can look back and say, “You know, my parents got divorced, but they did it in the best way that they could.”

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