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Many divorcing couples today, seek a way forward that spares them from unnecessary costs—financial, emotional, and time. For them, mediation provides a value-oriented solution. And because mediation is an out-of-court divorce process, it enables divorcing couples to negotiate a settlement on their own terms. In mediation, an impartial mediator facilitates negotiations, and the divorcing individuals each retain lawyers to advise them. Together, the divorcing couples work to find common ground on finances, child custody and other issues. As a result, mediation often leads to a final, mutually agreeable settlement. With trained and experienced mediators, mediation enables divorcing individuals to save precious resources for the next phase of their lives.

GoransonBain Ausley Texas Family Law Mediators

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At GoransonBain Ausley, we also offer self-represented mediation for couples who have a basic outline of an agreement already in mind. For more information on self-represented mediation, please visit our self-represented mediation service.

For individuals: the focused resources of Texas’ largest family law firm.

When you choose a GoransonBain Ausley attorney to represent you in mediation, you gain the knowledge base that comes from a deep roster of skilled family lawyers. We offer experience with the full range of divorce issues, from complex financial matters to highly contested custody cases. In mediation, we work creatively to advocate for your interests. We focus on finding workable solutions that meet the overriding goal of an efficient settlement. Above all, we are always looking out for your and your children’s future and securing the resources you will need to build it.

For lawyers: the mediators of choice to facilitate lasting agreements.

Texas family lawyers call on GoransonBain Ausley attorneys to facilitate their mediations with confidence. The reasons why begin with experience, training, and credentials. GoransonBain Ausley attorneys are recognized leaders in out-of-court settlement and conduct advanced mediation training courses for family lawyers throughout the U.S. As the largest family law firm in Texas, we offer unequaled depth and breadth of resources. When you work with a GoransonBain Ausley lawyer, you have access to the expertise of the entire firm. In addition, as experienced litigators, we can project likely courtroom outcomes and assist in the risk/benefit analysis that can move settlements forward.

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