We Make Divorce Less Stressful

Few events in life are as painful, disruptive and emotionally traumatic as a divorce. Even among the most cooperative couples, emotional tensions can form. Divorce proceedings including children or sizeable assets are particularly prone to emotional strain for individuals and their families.

At GoransonBain, we are familiar with the emotional issues that arise with divorce. We are also aware of the pitfalls and distractions those emotions can cause. In addition to the psychological strain, they can also lead to delays, counterproductive demands, and increased legal fees.  It can be difficult for a person going through a divorce to manage his or her present legal, emotional, and financial needs while focusing on their future.

Our Divorce Lawyers Can Help

You will always find a compassionate, empathetic ally in our attorneys. When overheated emotions threaten to delay your case, disrupt your life, or negatively impact your best interests, you can trust that our divorce lawyers will work through the distractions with you to maintain proper focus on reaching the outcome you want.  We help you focus on your future and not your past.

Our divorce lawyers work to handle your divorce proceedings in a non-disruptive manner while keeping what is best for your family at the forefront of all our recommendations.  We will consult with you regarding the following issues, as they apply to your situation:

  • Parenting Schedules– We can help you develop a plan that works for you and your family considering the needs of the children, your geographic location and work schedule;
  • Asset Characterization and Valuation– Marital assets can include businesses, pensions, educational degrees, real estate, intellectual property, and personal belongings. We can help you determine which assets are includable in the divorce process and what they are worth;
  • Custody– Whether you are a mother, father, or grandparent, we are prepared to protect your parental rights;
  • Property Division– We can help you achieve a fair and equitable division of the marital estate while prioritizing the assets that are most important to you, taking into consideration;
  • Support Modifications– As your family’s lives change, we can help you modify previously determined orders, schedules, and legal support obligations to accommodate your change in circumstances.

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Every family has unique needs and, as a result, no divorce case is exactly like the one before.  We believe that every family law case is fact-specific and has its own special issues and circumstances.

We encourage you to contact our legal team to schedule a consultation to learn about your options and to obtain sound legal advice on how to move forward. You can contact us online, or complete the consultation form. We have offices in Dallas, Plano and Austin.