Collaborative Divorce

A Solution-Focused Approach

Collaborative Divorce (also known as Collaborative Law) represents a robust, solution-focused approach for resolving family law conflict while completely bypassing the use of the court system. This method has the ability to streamline the process considerably, by avoiding many of the costs, delays and requirements associated with litigation.

Additionally, it frees clients from the exposure of going through a very public trial, submitting to seemingly arbitrary rulings from a judge or jury, and complying with the artificial timetables imposed by a judicial system that was never designed to accommodate family law conflict.

Perhaps most importantly, the collaborative divorce methodology enables the participants to achieve a mutually-beneficial solution unencumbered by the limitations typically imposed by the law and courts.

About Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce creates an opportunity for parties to resolve family law matters in a respectable, neutral and calm environment. Together with two lawyers, parties come together to mutually listen, work through issues, analyze all options, consider all information, and reach acceptable resolutions. The major benefit of collaborative divorce is that the solution can be anything you imagine because you are not bound by the laws and opinions of judges and jury members.

Your problem may not be unique, but your family is. By utilizing collaborative divorce, a solution to your family law issues can be as unique as your family. Any solution derived from collaborative divorce is exclusively tailored to you and your family’s needs.

The benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Privacy and Confidentiality–Avoid a public hearing
  • Speed– Collaborative divorce usually produces a resolution faster than litigation
  • Cost– Collaborative divorce is more cost-effective than litigation
  • Flexibility– Develop a plan that is not zero-sum
  • Unlimited Solutions– Not bound by Texas law and regulations
  • Safe Environment– Converse in a non-adversarial environment
  • Respectable Discourse– Each party has an equal opportunity to express themselves
  • No Jury or Judge– The participants themselves are the sole decision-makers

Of course, if our experienced divorce lawyers believe your situation will render better results in litigation, we will recommend that course of action. We are prepared to go to trial to protect your legal rights if alternative dispute resolution is not right for you.

Is A Collaborative Divorce Attorney Right for You?

If you are considering a legal action such as divorce, a contested property division or a child custody modification, GoransonBain can help you formulate a strategy that will move you toward a successful outcome.  With a seasoned team that includes former judges and some of the state’s most respected family law attorneys, we can give you a clear perspective that will help you decide whether it is best to pursue your objectives through litigation, collaborative divorce, or other alternative resolution methods.

Contact a collaborative divorce attorney today to learn more about your legal options. GoransonBain has three office locations in DallasPlano and Austin.