When family law issues get complicated, GoransonBain Ausley’s reasoned approach keeps negotiations on the right path. Best Lawyers Under 40 Hayley Collins Blair, Britney Harrison, and Lindsey Obenhaus are among the firm’s many reasons for success. They are skilled in resolving disputes and provide clients with smart, strategic advice to protect their children’s well-being and preserve their assets.

Blair’s clients appreciate her attentiveness as well as her honest, calm, straightforward advice and support throughout the divorce process. She provides custom solutions for clients and is known for settling challenging, high-conflict cases.

Harrison, president of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, is willing to fight in court when necessary but prefers to work with clients to come up with creative and unique solutions to various issues, including possession schedules, to protect her clients from the uncertainty of litigation in a courthouse.

Obenhaus not only applies her experience as an attorney to her clients’ cases but also her experience as a working mother. She understands the pressures families face today and empathizes with her clients when working to create a new normal. She uses her background as a district attorney and litigator to tackle complicated matters, such as abuse and addiction, in court and advocates for her clients in high-stakes situations.

GoransonBain Ausley builds on a longstanding record of trustworthy, successful advocacy for clients.


This ad originally appeared in D Magazine.