Marriage is not easy. Specializing in high conflict divorce over the past 15 years has opened my eyes to the reality that putting in the work to strengthen a marriage might spare families from experiencing the trauma associated with the divorce process.

Jeff Domen - Goranson BainWhen marriage gets hard, couples feel hopeless. Most of the struggles couples face start out as minor and do not warrant a divorce, however, when left unaddressed, these struggles evolve into major obstacles that tear families apart.

It is at this point that couples feel divorce is an easier option than repairing the history of unaddressed issues. The reality is that it is not. Therefore, one of my biggest passions is helping couples to do everything in their power to strengthen their marriages before they are faced with this decision.

Here are some tips from a divorce attorney:

  • Go on dates, just the two of you. Make connection your goal. Keep discussion of the budget or kids out of the agenda for the evening and focus instead on the two of you.
  • Go on vacation, just the two of you. The best gift you could ever give your kids (both grown and still at home) is a happy marriage.
  • Find a hobby or common interest and do it together. Dancing, photography, shooting, painting, cooking, walking or biking. Anything that you can enjoy together.
  • Take a class. Hope Fellowship, a local church, offers a class called Re: Engage to help couples strengthen marriages.
  • Socialize with like-minded friends. Find other couples who are intent on strengthening their marriage and hang out with them.

All in all, be pro-active in creating a strong marriage. What you do today will determine the strength of your marriage in the future.

Jeff Domen, is a family lawyer at GoransonBain Ausley. Jeff offers peace of mind to clients navigating family law issues by focusing on hope, dignity and prosperity. He advocates passionately for the best  interests of families. Jeff can be reached at 214-473-9696. 

Jeff Domen

“As a family law attorney, it’s my responsibility to assist people who are going through the toughest time in their lives.  It’s my job to use my God-given creativity and advocacy to offer hope, peace of mind and encouragement.” – Jeff Domen