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How to Prepare for Your Divorce Consultation

Posted February 12, 2018, Published by | ,

When you make the decision to meet with a family law attorney to discuss your situation, the benefits you obtain from your initial consultation are often proportionate to your level of preparation. The more relevant information that you can provide to your attorney, the better counsel you will receive. But what is relevant? The answer… Read More

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Giving Your Children Your Best During Divorce

Posted June 14, 2017, Published by | , , ,

I’ve seen countless families transition through divorce. I’ve seen families handle their divorce well and I’ve seen families cycle downward into crisis. Some parents are so hurt and wounded that it is all they could do to make it through their divorce.  Because of their pain, their focus shifts inwards and away from their children… Read More

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Allocating Parental Rights in Divorce

Posted May 25, 2017, Published by | , , ,

One important aspect of every divorce with children is allocating the parental rights between the parents. During a marriage, both parents presumptively make decisions for their children together. After a divorce, parental decision making will look different and will be governed by the terms in the Decree of Divorce. The Decree of Divorce will include… Read More

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Is a 50/50 Possession Schedule Right for Me?

Posted May 15, 2017, Published by | , , ,

One of the most difficult topics to resolve in custody litigation is what possession schedule will each party have with the children. Judges in Texas have the discretion to order any possession schedule that the Judge believes is in the best interest of the child, which includes ordering a 50/50 possession schedule. However, the Texas… Read More


Working Parents Making Possession of the Children Work

Posted April 5, 2017, Published by | , ,

One of the many challenges in the divorce process is figuring out when each parent will have possession of the children – the parenting plan schedule. This issue is even more complicated when both parents have demanding jobs and particularly when those jobs do not necessarily have the typical nine to five schedule. This article… Read More

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Modifying a Child Support Order in Texas

Posted February 23, 2017, Published by | ,

How Can Child Support Orders be Modified? Child support orders can only be changed by the entering of a new court order. Informal agreements between the parties are not effective to change the amount of court ordered child support. Therefore, while you and the other party may agree to a change in the amount of… Read More

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New Definition of Marriage Should Bring Quick Parenting Relief to Same-Sex Couples

Posted February 18, 2017, Published by | , , ,

Under the Texas Uniform Parentage Act, paternity is presumptively established when a child is born to the mother within a marriage. This basic provision allows two married women to automatically have parenting rights and responsibilities as long as one of them gives birth to the child, but it does little to provide parenting rights for… Read More