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Job Loss & Child Support During Coronavirus

Posted April 1, 2020, Published by | , , , , ,

Many employers in Dallas and Plano have recently laid off employees, reduced hours, or shut down business due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are ordered to pay child support and are facing a sudden change in income due to COVID-19 business closures or another reason (you were laid off, fired, out of work, are… Read More

Texas Supreme Court’s Seventh Emergency Order: What is the Impact on Possession Agreements?

Texas Supreme Court’s Seventh Emergency Order: What is the Impact on Possession Agreements?

Posted March 27, 2020, Published by | , , , , ,

On March 24th, the Texas Supreme Court issued several emergency orders regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) state of disaster. Clients need to understand, the seventh and most recent emergency order does not modify any of the Court’s prior orders, but supplements and clarifies. Will the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order change your possession schedule? The Texas Supreme Court… Read More

Sheltering-in-Place and Intimate Partner Violence Seeking Help During an Emergency- Kristiana Butler- Goranson Bain Ausley Austin- Coronavirus COVID19

Sheltering-in-Place and Intimate Partner Violence: Seeking Help During an Emergency

Posted March 27, 2020, Published by | , , ,

While most Texans are staying home to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19, many are struggling with a different kind of danger within their own homes. According to a Center for Disease Control report on domestic violence, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced physically abusive intimate partner violence[1]…. Read More


Getting a divorce? Here are 5 ways to manage stress during COVID-19

Posted March 26, 2020, Published by | ,

Though divorce can be traumatic at any time of year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has added unprecedented levels of stress to the process. Family Lawyer and GoransonBain Ausley partner, Aimee Key takes you through five ways you can navigate your divorce proceedings during such an uncertain time. The COVID-19 pandemic is already having a huge… Read More


Can I Start My Divorce During the Coronavirus Shutdown?

Posted March 24, 2020, Published by | , ,

For many Texans facing the prospect of divorce, the new normal of sheltering in place has already become an intolerably stressful abnormal. Relationships previously burdened beyond the hope of repair are now being further damaged by the prolonged confinement. The lack of hope, useful information, and professional guidance compound those stresses. If you are among… Read More

Kris Algert- Recession-divorce-COVID-19- Austin Texas- Divorce and Family Law Attorney

COVID-19, Recession, and Divorce: Five Tips for Making Smart Decisions

Posted March 23, 2020, Published by | , , ,

The world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and heading into a recession. For a couple in the midst of divorce, the discussion around dividing marital assets and liabilities is now more complicated. Adding to this complication is that one or both spouses may be facing a job loss. If you are currently in a… Read More

How Does Coronavirus and School Closures Affect My Possession Schedule

How Does Coronavirus and School Closures Affect My Possession Schedule?

Posted March 13, 2020, Published by | , , , , ,

Many schools have closed their doors, at least temporarily, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be wondering how this affects your possession schedule with your children. The Texas Supreme Court and counties throughout Texas have issued orders to let parents and attorneys know the courts’ position on possession. According to these orders, parents should… Read More

Keeping the House but Dividing the Equity- Kris Algert- Goranson Bain Ausley- Austin Texas

Keeping the House but Dividing the Equity

Posted January 15, 2020, Published by |

In many divorces, the principal, and sometimes only, asset is the marital residence. Couples typically purchase a residence with some money down and a mortgage that consists of monthly payments comprised of interest and principal. Over time, the part of the payments going toward principal increases and the part going toward interest decreases. This principal… Read More

Strategic planning for business

Strategic Planning Can Protect Your Business in a Divorce

Posted November 4, 2019, Published by |

A young entrepreneur looks to marriage after starting a new business; a sole proprietor looks to incorporate during marriage; a married couple decides to open a family business – there are a myriad of scenarios involving business owners that can result in financial disaster in the event of divorce. If you engage in the same… Read More