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Lindley Bain Named Fellow of Prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Posted October 19, 2020, Published by |

Lindley Bain- Goranson Bain Ausley- Family Law- Divorce- Texas - Austin

Lindley Bain, a partner with GoransonBain Ausley, has been named a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) comprises the top family law attorneys throughout the nation. AAML members are recognized as preeminent family law practitioners with the highest levels of knowledge, skill, and integrity. Membership… Read More

Five Strategies for Effective Co-Parent Communication

Posted September 17, 2020, Published by | Videos

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In this video, GoransonBain Ausley family law attorneys Aimee Pingenot Key and Katie Samler work with clinical psychologist Honey Sheff to describe five tools for constructive co-parenting. This video is for divorcing or divorced parents who are facing issues related to the pandemic. Dr. Sheff focuses on how parents can exhibit… Read More

Remote Learning and Child Custody

Posted September 2, 2020, Published by | , ,

remote or in person back to school- child doing school work with pencil in notebook- Austin Child Custody Lawyer

Frustrated parents across Texas are juggling working from home and managing their kids’ Zoom class schedules. With tensions running high, disagreements about remote learning are flooding courtrooms. In a perfect world, parents would work together to conquer in-person/remote/hybrid learning. But if COVID-19 is bringing out the worst in your co-parent and you are thinking about… Read More

How to Navigate Co-Parenting During Texas Covid-19 Reopening Pause

Posted July 27, 2020, Published by | , , ,

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With Covid-19 cases increasing, Governor Greg Abbott has paused additional reopening phases for the State of Texas. The pausing of plans to reopen has created a new set of obstacles for even amicable co-parents to navigate.  Staying out in front of these issues is critical, so you can create a plan that you both agree… Read More

Settling Your Divorce, A Guide to Mediating Virtually

Posted June 23, 2020, Published by | Videos

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Months into the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to come to terms with a new understanding of normality. This understanding persists in the legal field. Courthouse functions and mediation, like most activities we are accustomed to participating in life, have moved to virtual formats. GoransonBain Ausley Plano Attorney… Read More

Expect the Unexpected: COVID-19 and Possession Schedules in the 2020-21 School Year

Posted June 9, 2020, Published by | , ,

It’s the beginning of summer, but nervous texts about school are circulating among parents in my group of friends. “What are you going to do about the fall?” “What if they don’t go back to school?” “Have you seen a new school calendar?” Uncertainty about the upcoming school year is causing anxiety for parents trying… Read More

How to Successfully Navigate Co-Parenting During Coronavirus

Posted May 1, 2020, Published by | Videos

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Co-parenting is challenging even under the best of circumstances, but is even more challenging for parents who are separated, divorced, or living with a soon to be ex-partner or spouse. In this webinar, GoransonBain Ausley family lawyers Kristiana Butler, Kelly Caperton Fischer and Angelica Rolong Cormier, along with family therapist Nicole Stover provide family law survival… Read More