How Does Social Media Impact My Divorce?

Social media is such a big part of all of our lives now. And it tends to be something that people turn to just at the time that their marriages are failing, or that they’re having a lot of stress about custody or other issues involving their kids. You need to know that if you’re involved i a divorce or a custody battle, your spouse or your exes attorney will certainly be looking at your social media posts. They are gonna be looking for evidence that might be useful as leverage in a settlement or as evidence in a courtroom. Certainly, if you have posted yourself with a new significant other, and you’re not divorced yet, that’s gonna show up as evidence in your case. Posts that show you using drugs or abusing alcohol, are frequently used as evidence in a divorce.

Social media posts can also affect the financial division in your divorce. If you’ve revealed in your inventory that you have only limited finances, or you haven’t received bonuses or commissions this year, and then you have social media posts showing a new car that you purchased or enjoying a lavish vacation, those can really be used against you to undermine your credibility and to also possibly get a more favorable financial division for your spouse or your ex.

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