How Do I Prevent A Costly Divorce? Family Lawyer Jeff Domen Explains

You have the ability to control how much your divorce costs. At every step of the process, I like to sit down with my clients and talk about the cost benefit analysis of every decision that we make. And when you understand the benefit of what you’re choosing to do, and how much it might cost, you have the ability to create a plan that is perfectly suited for your needs. The number one thing you can do to keep your divorce cost under control is hire a divorce attorney that has a ton of experience. And when you talk to an attorney, they can pull from a multitude of different stories and experiences. They can help you answer your question of, “How much is it gonna cost on this specific issue?”

One of the biggest mistakes that clients make that increases their cost of the divorce beyond what they can comprehend, is they don’t have a game plan. You can’t do anything in life without a game plan. And if you sit down and understand what your goals are and why you’re choosing one path over another path, that is gonna help you, number one, control your cost and number two, be able to predict what costs you might incur.

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