How Do I Know If A Settlement Offer Is Good Enough?

In order to determine whether your settlement offer is good, you have to make a determination as to what your values are. Oftentimes in divorce cases, issues other than money are in play: child custody, visitation, anything under the sun involving your family and your finances come into play. As a result, when you determine what your values are, that will tell you what the main issues you need to consider in formulating a settlement proposal or responding to a settlement offer are.

Working with your attorney is paramount in making a determination as to whether a settlement proposal’s good. Your attorney should have experience in seeing many cases involving issues similar to yours. So the attorney’s expert advice is very important when you’re weighing your options. You learning from your attorney and his legal knowledge and experience, and him learning from you what your desires are, the combination of those two together will result in an idea of what a good settlement offer would look like and ultimately, a good resolution to your case.

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