Why You Should Be Honest With Your Family Law Attorney

Clients have to understand that every spouse in every marriage has done things or said things that they regret or they wish they could take back, yet those are the very things that are frequently used against that client in divorce litigation, so I need to be equally prepared to respond to the negatives. They lawyer/client relationship is, in the law, the most sacred relationship of all, so anything a client tells me is sacred and is protected. So someone else can't use me as a witness against my client. When a client explains to me something they've done negative, I understand the context it occurred in, what happened before that, what happened afterward, what was the effect of what they did, and I can put it in a proper context for a client. If you're concerned that something you've done in the past is gonna dramatically affect your upcoming divorce case, that's the exact correct time to call us and talk about it because a lot of times we can put those fears to rest, we can explain to you how it will be dealt with and you can go on with the process without carrying that cross of, "How am I gonna deal with what happened in the past?"

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