Getting to Know Family Law Attorney Thomas A. Greenwald

My name is Tom Greenwald. I'm a partner with GoransonBain Ausley, been licensed to practice law since 1992. I've been with GoransonBain Ausley since 1994, and I've been Board Certified in Family Law since 1997. My goal in working with clients is to get them through the process as efficiently and effectively as possible. My approach to family law is to have a planned and thoughtful approach to cases, and more importantly, to deal with client expectation. I feel like if clients know, going in, what to expect, then it keeps them on track throughout the process and leads us to a more realistic and acceptable outcome. I excel in dealing with property issues, particularly with a finance background. I may deal with numbers and business-related issues. And also, I deal with all the high-conflict personalities and mental health issues, particularly with narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder or with people that have significant traits of those disorders. Many clients have described me as being a very good listener, someone that's compassionate, and someone that is really, truly interested in what is best for them. There is one website, in particular, called "One Mom's Battle," where a client described me as being compassionate, of being ethical, and truly interested in the outcome of her case in dealing with a child custody case involving a narcissist. My strength lies in dealing with clients in an organized, focused, and strategic way. I am truly interested in assisting people in finalizing their case and reducing the financial and emotional costs.

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