Do I Need a Premarital Agreement in Texas?

If somebody has substantial assets and they’re contemplating getting married, I would recommend that they schedule an appointment with a family law attorney, somebody who specializes in family law, to guide them and tell them about the law, and what the law is if they were to get a divorce without a premarital agreement, and what options that they might have as far as within a premarital agreement.

Additionally, a premarital agreement could alter normal Texas law where their earnings and income from their separate property might normally be community property, a premarital agreement could characterize those things as separate property. I think a premarital agreement can actually improve a marriage because everybody has full knowledge of what the assets are. Oftentimes when spouses get a divorce, money as one of the biggest contributors to a divorce. And if everybody is clear, I think it just helps both spouses just to be more secure in the relationship.

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