Do I Have to Pay Child Support in a 50-50 Possession Agreement?

Most people think when they come in if they are agreeing to a 50-50 possession that neither parent will have to pay child support. It’s typically not true. Child support is not tied to possession, so it is calculated based on income and not necessarily the time of possession. When the custody arrangements are 50-50 or both parents have equal possession, then the calculation of child support is determined by the net resources of the parents. So, the parent that has greater net resources to calculate that will pay the difference or offset to the other parent. When I talk to parents about child support, I make sure that they understand that the child support is there for the best interest of their child. It’s not to punish the other parent, it’s not to be spousal maintenance, it’s there for the best interest of the child. My main goal when I talk to clients is to stop and listen. Listen to what their needs are, listen to their story and listen to what their goals are.

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