Divorce Attorney Jeff Domen Answers: How Long Will My Divorce Take?

One very common question that I get asked is, “How long is my divorce gonna take?” And although it’s different for each individual, the one thing I can tell you is that no one can be divorced until 60 days have elapsed from the date that the first filing for divorce occurs. After that, it’s up to you and it’s up to your spouse about how long it’s gonna take. Now, if it’s important for you to get divorced right away, one option that you have is to request a trial date as soon as possible. And the sooner you request a trial date, the earlier your opportunity is to finalize your divorce. Now, if it’s your goal to delay the process as long as possible, you can also take steps to make that happen as well. The important thing to remember is if you control part of the process of how long it’s gonna take, your spouse also controls part of the process about how long the divorce is gonna take. And that’s important to consider when you’re dealing with your spouse and trying to come up with a game plan to make sure your goals are realized.

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