Plano Family Law Attorney Explains What is Summer Possession Order?

Well, many of my clients are surprised to learn that under the standard possession order, the parent that has visitation of the children actually has the right to designate 30 days in the summer, and that’s in addition to their regular weekend possession. That can be a pretty daunting prospect for the parent that is not going to see their kids for those 30 days. That being said, there are opportunities to reach agreements to do something other than the 30 days that’s in the standard possession order that is going to require compromise and working together. But it can really be worth it if it ends up being a better fit for the family.

So, I would encourage clients to go over the standard possession order, with their attorneys, and explore other options that would better work for their family. So many times people look at the standard possession order and they think, “This is the way it’s going to be,” whether it works for the kids, whether it works for the family. I would rather sit down with my client and say, “How have you been doing things? Moving forward, what would actually make the most sense for your family, and let’s see if we can reach some agreements to work around that.”

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