Dallas Divorce Lawyer Answers: Is There An Alternative Option To Divorce?

Even though legal separation isn't an option here in Texas, there are legal protections available for you to do that, to create agreements with regards to the division, access, and use of your property. There are two tools to do that. The first one is a partition and exchange agreement and the second one is a postnuptial agreement and what it does is it characterizes your property in a different way than would normally happen if the two of you continued to be married under the laws of Texas. When children are involved but you don't want to get a divorce, you can still create legal agreements that are binding and that a court will enforce. The way to do that is through an order in a suit affecting parent-child relationship. And it is essentially a parenting plan very similar to what you would if you got a divorce. So in it, it would spell out what parenting time you are going to have with your children, what your financial obligations are with regards to your children, and how decisions about your children are going to be made. To the best of your ability, putting their needs first, allows you actually to create the best kind of parenting plan for them.

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