When is Collaborative Law a Good Option in Divorce?

Collaborative law is an alternative to litigation. It is sanctioned by the Texas Family Code. It’s a highly structured dispute resolution process that is geared towards helping families reach a resolution to their divorce without going to court.

Most divorce cases in Texas, over 90% of them end in a settlement before a final trial. So to work a case as if it’s going to final trial is very costly, inefficient and the outcome is not as good as if you started a case, as if you were going to eventually reach a settlement.

An out of court settlement is less costly than a litigated divorce because all of the resources and time of the attorneys and professionals are focused on trying to come up with solutions and resolutions to your divorce.

Collaborative is for the couple who values their family. Who values their relationship with their children, no matter how old. Who values wanting to come up with a solution that may not be a cookie-cutter court solution.

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