This year, GoransonBain Ausley has several participating in the 45th Annual Course Advanced Family Law.

Sunday- August 11th

  • Kelly Ausley-Flores will be presenting on “Drafting Enforceable Orders at Family Law 101”

Monday- August 12th

  • Thomas Ausley will be presenting on “Professionalism: Lessons Learned”
  • Britney Harrison will represent GoransonBain Ausley at the 12th Annual Image Seminar & Fashion Show Luncheon

Tuesday- August 13th

  • Hayley Collins will be on a panel discussing “Preparing for the Board Certification Exam”

Wednesday- August 14th

  • Kathryn Murphy will be co-presenting “Direct and Cross of Tracing Experts”
  • Eric Robertson will be presenting “Disproportionate Division and Spousal Maintenance for the Non-Monied Spouse”
  • Diana Friedman will be presenting “Premarital Agreements: Making Your Own Rules!”

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