Premarital and Post-marital Agreements


Marriage, Mortgages, and Millennials

Prior generations aspired to get married, buy a home, and have children. In that order. The millennial generation has changed that order. Both inside and outside the context of a divorce, this decision carries with it a variety of legal ramifications. Millennials Cohabitating The millennial generation is now between the ages of twenty-three and thirty-eight…. Read More

Should You Say “I Do” to a Premarital Agreement- Kris Algert- Goranson Bain Ausley- Family Law- Texas

Should You Say “I Do” to a Premarital Agreement

The wedding day is fast-approaching: the venue is secured, friends and family members have made travel plans, and most of the details have been completed. You are ready to rest, relax, and enjoy the days leading up to this milestone event. But then, your soon-to-be-spouse presents you with a premarital agreement to sign. What should… Read More

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Five Tips for Communicating With Your Spouse About Money

As a family lawyer, I have learned a leading cause of divorce is financial infidelity and lack of effective communication about finances. In some marriages, one spouse may have little to no knowledge about the health of the couple’s finances, the amount of spending by either spouse or how income is saved or invested. Additionally,… Read More

Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements: Common Misconceptions

For most people, signing any legal contract is can be frightening. It seems almost impossible to understand the tightly-packed pages of legal jargon; having some fear is logical and reasonable. Facing that document shortly before getting married — or any time thereafter —can ruin the magic behind a relationship that is all about based on… Read More

The Final Divorce Decree is Not Etched in Stone

A great deal of thought and compromise goes into the development of a Texas divorce decree. However, obtaining a signed “Final Decree of Divorce” does not guarantee that the legal proceedings are over once and for all. Our Courts retain jurisdiction over the case, and over the conservatorship and support of your children, long after… Read More

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Finding Someone New: What Happens to the Alimony?

Resolve Alimony Conflicts With the Help of a Divorce Lawyer In most divorce decisions, receiving alimony is conditional.  If a certain condition occurs, the alimony payments will end, even if a spouse is supposed to receive it for a longer period of time. When Does Alimony End? While a divorcing couple can agree to any… Read More

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Negotiating with Your Spouse

Anticipating How Your Spouse Handles Relationship Stress Can Give You the Edge in Divorce Negotiations Have you ever considered how you and your spouse typically resolve conflicts within your relationship? We as Dallas divorce lawyers feel it could be well worth your while to do so, even if the relationship is ending. Why? We live in… Read More

Options When Divorce is Not an Option

Unlike many other states, there is no such thing as a “legal separation” in Texas. In Texas, you are either married or not. Despite this fact, many people hold specific religious, cultural and/or moral beliefs that prohibit their consideration of a divorce. How can we protect those people and allow them to follow the tenets… Read More

Preparing Your Client For The Social Psychological Or Home Study

The child custody evaluation is often the most critical piece of evidence in a contested custody case. The results of a child custody evaluation can make or break a client’s case. Preparation can make a tremendous difference in not only how the evaluator sees your client but also in the recommendations made by the evaluation. Most clients, however, are poorly informed about the significance and process of a child custody evaluation and therefore are ill prepared for it.

The Mentally Incompetent Party

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Why A Pre Nuptial Agreement Is An Expression Of Love

The annual Valentine’s Day holiday is a reminder of how much importance we place on letting our significant others know how much we care about them. The well-prepared have already made romantic dinner reservations, bought flowers, bought candy, bought jewelry – or some combination of those traditional gestures – while the not-so-well-prepared will be hitting… Read More