Can My Spouse Take Half of My Business in Divorce?

One form of the American Dream is building a business from the ground up and developing it over time into a source of pride and profit. Rarely does such development take place rapidly. Instead, it is far more often a labor of love and takes time, toil and talent to create a business that generates… Read More

Being an Effective Witness

Giving your testimony is one of the most important events that will occur in your case. While your Dallas family lawyer will be doing her absolute best to represent your interests, who can be a better advocate in support of your case than you? Appear Confident and Calm Witnesses often place an inordinate amount of… Read More

Confiding in Friends and Family During a Divorce

A critical decision that must be made early in the process of separating and divorcing is with whom to share your story and legal details. When we are under extreme stress, sadness and anger we human beings often feel relief when we unburden ourselves by telling someone. This is understandable. Strategically, however, it is important… Read More

High Conflict Family Law Matters and Personality Disorders

The majority of the cases in family law courts that require court intervention involve an intense, high level of conflict. In almost every high conflict case, you will find at least one party who has a high conflict personality that is driving the litigation train. Unfortunately, the high conflict personalities that most often appear in family law cases are often not recognized by the professionals involved in the case. And, even if the high conflict personality is recognized, many professionals fail to understand how to manage the high conflict case and implement the actions needed to stop or at least minimize any further destruction by the high conflict driven client. Instead, attorneys, judges, mental health professionals and mediators have a tendency to handle the case from the viewpoint of how clients ought to behave rather than understanding how it really is. As professionals, we often want the parties to just find a way to get along. However, because the high level of conflict observed in a family law case is often an extension of the conflict that existed in the marriage that was driven by a party with a high conflict personality, it is unrealistic for any of the professionals to think the conflict is going to stop because the parties have separated and a divorce action has been filed. In fact, many, if not most, the high conflict people will stay in the high conflict cycle their entire life.

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Divorce Can Mean Hard Financial Times; Plan To Keep Yourself in the Black

The time you spend going through a divorce, along with the immediate aftermath, can be one of the most financially challenging periods of your life. Often, this difficulty comes when you are least able to deal with it, considering the emotional strains of divorce. Yet, with a solid financial strategy and an experienced family law… Read More

Preparing Your Client For The Social Psychological Or Home Study

The child custody evaluation is often the most critical piece of evidence in a contested custody case. The results of a child custody evaluation can make or break a client’s case. Preparation can make a tremendous difference in not only how the evaluator sees your client but also in the recommendations made by the evaluation. Most clients, however, are poorly informed about the significance and process of a child custody evaluation and therefore are ill prepared for it.

Substance Abuse Cases What Every Attorney Should Know About Drug And Alcohol Testing

In a family law case, it is common for one party to accuse the opposing party of substance abuse. As a result, drug/alcohol testing has become a commonplace tool used to determine (1) the accuracy of substance abuse allegations; and (2) issues related to custody and visitation. When used properly, drug/alcohol testing is a valuable tool. Armed with the proper information, drug/alcohol testing can then be used to provide evidence of drug use and non-compliance with court orders or abstinence and compliance with court orders. Unfortunately, Judges and attorneys are often uninformed regarding the technical nuances of the various testing methods, which results in drug/alcohol testing that is inappropriate to the specific circumstances of the case.

The Financial Implications Of Divorce In Texas

As the nation slowly recovers from one of the worst recessions in its history, many people are concerned about how divorce may affect their finances. However, there are options available to help people keep down the costs of divorce and to emerge from divorce with a clear understanding of their assets and debt obligations. While… Read More

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The Gray Divorce: Baby Boomers Are Ending Marriages Later in Life

News this summer that the 40-year marriage of Al and Tipper Gore is coming to an end underscores a recent trend in American matrimony: couples who have made it through decades of family rearing and career building are parting ways in unprecedented numbers. American baby boomers are splitting up at three times the rate of… Read More

The Great Recession And Its Impact On Divorce

 The current recession appears to be affecting divorce rates, which had declined, but now may be on the rise. A recent study suggests finances may play the larger role in determining whether a couple stays together. “The Survey of Marital Generosity” from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia indicates that the financial… Read More

The Mentally Incompetent Party

Beth E. Maultsby Goranson Bain, PLLC 8350 N. Central Expwy., Suite 1700 Dallas, Texas 75206 (214) 373-7676 Fax: (214) 373-9959 State Bar of Texas 36th Annual Advanced Family Law Course August 9-12, 2010 San Antonio Chapter 45 Background, Education and Practice Beth has been helping families for more than 30 years as a judge, lawyer… Read More

Drug Testing 2013

Tom Greenwald Drug Testing – Use and Defense State Bar of Texas 2012 Advanced Family Law Course (Excerpts) Seven Tips and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Drug Testing in Divorce Cases and Other Family Law Cases Will I know in advance that the opposing party or opposing attorney is going to ask the judge for me… Read More