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Divorce for Christians: Can it Be an Act of Faith?

Divorce may be an accepted fact of life in our culture, but for many Christians in broken marriages it presents a moral dilemma. Do they stay in an unhealthy, perhaps even harmful marriage for the sake of a vow and covenant? Or do they act against their beliefs and seek a divorce? The stark choices… Read More

Protecting Your Child’s Emotional Health During Divorce

  “I must be unlovable. No matter what I do, it’s not good enough. I might as well not even try.” Have you ever felt this helpless? Were you tempted to give up? Did you experience depressive feelings? If so, you are not alone. A failing relationship leading toward divorce frequently causes an overwhelming sense… Read More

Can My Spouse Take Half of My Business in Divorce?

One form of the American Dream is building a business from the ground up and developing it over time into a source of pride and profit. Rarely does such development take place rapidly. Instead, it is far more often a labor of love and takes time, toil and talent to create a business that generates… Read More

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Top 10 Reasons for a Collaborative Divorce in Texas

1. Agreements not War A Collaborative Divorce involves direct negotiation between the parties, in joint meetings, with lawyers present and participating. Everyone signs an agreement at the beginning of the case committing to reach a final agreement, even if difficult, and not to go to court to resolve differences. Neither spouse can force the other… Read More

Alcoholism & Child Custody: Protecting a Child’s Safety

Navigating a child custody case is a difficult process for most parents. When a parent is an alcoholic, though, the issues are far more complicated. Data collected by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reveal that 5.8% of American adults have an alcohol use disorder. The rate is subject to rise based on… Read More

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How to Navigate Co-Parenting During Texas Covid-19 Reopening Pause

With Covid-19 cases increasing, Governor Greg Abbott has paused additional reopening phases for the State of Texas. The pausing of plans to reopen has created a new set of obstacles for even amicable co-parents to navigate.  Staying out in front of these issues is critical, so you can create a plan that you both agree… Read More

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How to Successfully Navigate Co-Parenting During Coronavirus Webinar

Co-parenting is challenging even under the best of circumstances, but is even more challenging for parents who are separated, divorced, or living with a soon to be ex-partner or spouse. GoransonBain Ausley family lawyers Kristiana Butler, Kelly Caperton Fischer and Angelica Rolong Cormier, along with family therapist Nicole Stover have provided a webinar full of… Read More

What Divorced Couples Need to Know About Stimulus Checks

What Divorced Couples Need to Know About Stimulus Checks

On March 27, 2020, the President signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), a $2 trillion stimulus package, into law. The federal government’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic includes provisions to assist small businesses and stimulus checks for individuals. GoransonBain Ausley associate Angelica Cormier investigates useful knowledge for divorced… Read More


Job Loss & Child Support During Coronavirus

Many employers in Dallas and Plano have recently laid off employees, reduced hours, or shut down business due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are ordered to pay child support and are facing a sudden change in income due to COVID-19 business closures or another reason (you were laid off, fired, out of work, are… Read More


Getting a divorce? Here are 5 ways to manage stress during COVID-19

Though divorce can be traumatic at any time of year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has added unprecedented levels of stress to the process. Family Lawyer and GoransonBain Ausley partner, Aimee Key takes you through five ways you can navigate your divorce proceedings during such an uncertain time. The COVID-19 pandemic is already having a huge… Read More


Can I Start My Divorce During the Coronavirus Shutdown?

For many Texans facing the prospect of divorce, the new normal of sheltering in place has already become an intolerably stressful abnormal. Relationships previously burdened beyond the hope of repair are now being further damaged by the prolonged confinement. The lack of hope, useful information, and professional guidance compound those stresses. If you are among… Read More

How Does Coronavirus and School Closures Affect My Possession Schedule

How Does Coronavirus and School Closures Affect My Possession Schedule?

Many schools have closed their doors, at least temporarily, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be wondering how this affects your possession schedule with your children. The Texas Supreme Court and counties throughout Texas have issued orders to let parents and attorneys know the courts’ position on possession. According to these orders, parents should… Read More

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Is a Flat-Fee Divorce Right for You?

Most people who are getting divorced want to end their marriage as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. A flat-fee divorce can be a great option for you, if you are looking to get the most “bang for your buck” when hiring a lawyer, provided you and your spouse have reached an agreement on all… Read More

Practical Tips to Make a Divorce Less Painful

Deciding to divorce is one of the most difficult decision a person can make. Plano Family Lawyer and GoransonBain Ausley partner, Hayley B. Collins takes you through five tips for individuals contemplating or who are in the divorce process. A quote that I often share with clients going through a divorce when there are minor… Read More


How You Can Achieve Your Divorce Goals

If you are contemplating or facing divorce, do you have any of the following goals: Staying in your house; Keeping your children in their current private school; Making sure college tuition and expenses will be paid; Maintaining a good post-divorce relationship with your spouse and extended family; Providing for your future; Protecting a family business;… Read More

How Domestic Violence Impacts Family Law Cases- GoransonBain Ausley

How Domestic Violence Impacts Family Law Cases

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence affects 1 and in 3 women and 1 in 4 men according to the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Domestic violence can include physical violence or threats of violence between members of a family or household (codified as “family violence” under the law),… Read More


Divorcing the Angry, Raging Spouse

Most divorces include some amount of anger. Divorce mixed with anger, especially intense anger or rage, is emotionally draining for the participants, results in higher legal fees, and often causes the divorce process to drag on unnecessarily. The anger may be justified, like when infidelity, dishonesty, or neglect is part of the story. The anger… Read More

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New Child Support Cap Effective September 1, 2019

Texas Family Code §154.125(a)(1) requires that every six years the presumptive amount of net resources for which child support guidelines apply be reviewed and adjusted for inflation by the Texas Office of the Texas Attorney General (OAG). That section sets out the formula for doing so based on the consumer price index. The last child… Read More


Marriage, Mortgages, and Millennials

Prior generations aspired to get married, buy a home, and have children. In that order. The millennial generation has changed that order. Both inside and outside the context of a divorce, this decision carries with it a variety of legal ramifications. Millennials Cohabitating The millennial generation is now between the ages of twenty-three and thirty-eight…. Read More


Different Roles of a Mental Health Professional in Custody Cases

Introduction If your divorce involves child custody issues, you may need the assistance of mental health professionals. It is important to understand the differences between the professionals likely to be involved—therapeutic psychologists and forensic psychologists. Although both interact directly with clients, their roles and ethical responsibilities diverge. This article will discuss the different services they… Read More


Tips for Staying on the High Road During a Divorce

I have been practicing family law since 1991 and have heard hundreds of divorcing spouses say they want to “take the high road” in their divorce. In almost every instance, they were telling the truth. In practice though, many fell short finding it difficult to choose the high road and stay there. Because divorce involves… Read More


Minimizing the Negative Impact of Divorce on Children

Research shows that what impacts children of divorce the most is not the divorce itself, but rather the prolonged conflict and tension between the parents. The more parents can do to minimize tension and conflict, the better off the entire family will be. It is clear the relationships we witness as children affect our relationships… Read More

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Divorce: Mental Health

Mental health issues can challenge any marriage. The same mental health issues that affected your marriage will probably impact your divorce and the division of your assets. For families with children, each spouse’s mental health history is important to custody decisions. Q. How will a proven history with mental health issues affect what I am… Read More

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How to Successfully Divorce Someone with a High-Conflict Personality

 Is it possible to get through this divorce with a good outcome, considering I am divorcing someone who might be sociopathic? Yes, although divorcing someone with a personality disorder or a high-conflict personality adds another layer of complexity that should not be ignored. More and more individuals confronting the prospect of divorce are also forced… Read More


5 Tips for Dealing with High Conflict Personalities During Divorce

A high conflict personality is defined as a person with long-standing patterns of behavior and experience that adversely affect the person’s interrelationships with others and ability to function effectively in the world. A high conflict personality type can exist in both complex and simple divorce cases. Divorcing someone with high conflict personality could produce additional… Read More


How will the Government Shutdown affect my Divorce?

  If you are contemplating filing for divorce, or if have a divorce pending, you may be concerned about how a government shutdown will affect your cashflow and investments. The good news is that the economic impact, overall, is likely to be small. In late 2013, a similar government shutdown, spanning 16 days, trimmed overall… Read More


What is Needed to Prove Separate Property at Time of Divorce

Property issues can be very complex, and this post is designed to give a brief overview of separate and community property in Texas and what is required to prove separate property. Understanding of Community Property and Separate Property The Texas Family Code provides all property owned during the marriage is presumed to be the community… Read More


5 Tips for Telling Your Children About the Divorce

The divorce process is a very trying time for divorcing spouses, but the impact of the divorce is even greater for any children involved. Telling your children about the divorce may invoke feels of sadness, anger, and guilt. However, you must remember that this conversation is one that your children will remember. How should divorcing… Read More

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Child-Focused Co-Parenting

One of the hardest decisions any person makes is the decision to divorce.  That decision brings final acceptance that you and your partner were unable to create the future you planned for when you got married, which was to face life’s challenges and celebrations together, forever. The decision is even harder when children are involved…. Read More


Dividing Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units in Divorce

Stock options and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are assets that many couples divide in their divorce, especially when one spouse is a high-level employee of a company. These assets can be tricky to divide because of disagreements over their character and value. Stock options and RSUs are not the same. The timing, value, and purpose… Read More


Divorce and Special Education

If you have a child who receives special education services, or accommodations in school, you should specifically discuss with your attorney how your divorce decree will allocate decision-making rights when it comes to your child’s education. If you have ever sat in a special education meeting (often called an IEP meeting or an ARD meeting),… Read More

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Five Tips for Communicating With Your Spouse About Money

As a family lawyer, I have learned a leading cause of divorce is financial infidelity and lack of effective communication about finances. In some marriages, one spouse may have little to no knowledge about the health of the couple’s finances, the amount of spending by either spouse or how income is saved or invested. Additionally,… Read More

How to Strengthen your Marriage – Tips from a Divorce Attorney

Marriage is not easy. Specializing in high conflict divorce over the past 15 years has opened my eyes to the reality that putting in the work to strengthen a marriage might spare families from experiencing the trauma associated with the divorce process. When marriage gets hard, couples feel hopeless. Most of the struggles couples face start… Read More

How Does Coronavirus and School Closures Affect My Possession Schedule

Preparing for Divorce When You Have Children With Disabilities

Divorce is an exceptionally difficult process for the entire family. When there is a child with special needs involved in a divorce, this process can seem even more daunting. It is important to evaluate each aspect of the parenting plan contained in the final decree to ensure that it meets the child’s unique physical, financial… Read More


Divorcing Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Divorce is difficult for almost any couple but divorcing a spouse with Borderline Personality Disorder may be exponentially more difficult. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness marked by an ongoing pattern of varying moods, self-image, and behavior. It is estimated that between 1.6 and 5.4 percent of the population suffers from BPD. Individuals… Read More

Tips for Financial Wellness in Divorce- Lindsey Obenhaus- Family Law and Divorce Attorney- Goranson Bain

Minimize Surprises

Couples facing divorce learn very quickly that a lot of “rules” govern their assets and debts—rules that most married couples do not know exist. The rules (called characterization rules) matter because how an asset or debt is characterized determines how that asset or debt can be divided, if at all. In addition to learning a… Read More

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Divorcing a Sociopath

“I think I’m losing my mind.” Amy [1] , who as a very bright, sensitive wife and mother of two, sat in my office for a divorce consultation. “When Jim and I met 15 years ago, he swept me off my feet. He was the smartest, most charming, and most caring man I had ever… Read More

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How to Prepare for Your Divorce Consultation

When you make the decision to meet with a family law attorney to discuss your situation, the benefits you obtain from your initial consultation are often proportionate to your level of preparation. The more relevant information that you can provide to your attorney, the better counsel you will receive. But what is relevant? The answer… Read More

Divorcing a Narcissist (or Any Other Really Difficult Person)

One of the toughest personalities to be married to, or to divorce, is the person who exhibits narcissist qualities. The word narcissist is in the news a lot lately with people frequently using the word loosely to describe anyone who is boastful, arrogant, manipulative, or seems to let emotions control their actions and reactions. Someone… Read More

Leveling the Divorce Playing Field

In those instances where one spouse has superior knowledge and expertise about a specific subject, or has disproportionate control over other areas of married life, the divorce “playing field” may not be level due to a power imbalance. Between spouses, a power imbalance is when both spouses do not have the equal ability or the… Read More

Facing Your Post-Divorce Future with Confidence

You may be contemplating a divorce or find yourself in the midst of divorce—a divorce you chose or a divorce that you did not choose. Your once clear vision of the future is upside down and you have no idea what the future holds. I have learned a lot from my clients over the last… Read More

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What You Need to Know Before You File for Divorce from a Narcissist

Divorcing a person with narcissism or narcissistic traits often poses a unique set of circumstances. Individuals with narcissistic traits often have an inflated sense of self and have a tremendous need to control the situation. They are rigid thinkers and often need to be right on everything, and will only solve issues if they are… Read More

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Giving Your Children Your Best During Divorce

I’ve seen countless families transition through divorce. I’ve seen families handle their divorce well and I’ve seen families cycle downward into crisis. Some parents are so hurt and wounded that it is all they could do to make it through their divorce.  Because of their pain, their focus shifts inwards and away from their children… Read More

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Allocating Parental Rights in Divorce

One important aspect of every divorce with children is allocating the parental rights between the parents. During a marriage, both parents presumptively make decisions for their children together. After a divorce, parental decision making will look different and will be governed by the terms in the Decree of Divorce. The Decree of Divorce will include… Read More

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Social Media: Impacts both Marriages and Divorce Proceedings

Over the last several years, there have been many studies that have outlined the negative impact of social media on relationships and marriages. Consistently studies have shown that individuals who frequently accessed social media sites are more likely to experience conflict with their partners. The studies also demonstrate that there is a link between social media… Read More

The Art of an Uncontested Divorce

I tell every client that meets with me the same thing – and the result is normally a nervous chuckle. “You can pay to send my kids to college, or you can keep your money and send your own kids to college.” And the result is typically the same – people want to save money,… Read More

Divorce and the Family Home – Keep it or Sell it?

In a divorce action, one of the most difficult financial issues you may face is whether to keep or sell the family home. This decision is also one of the most emotionally charged issues because continuing to live in the family home is comforting and represents security and stability for the children during the stressful… Read More

Mediation Reminders

When preparing for mediation, attorneys and clients often are focused on the “mechanics of the deal.” Obviously, having a negotiation strategy that you are prepared to implement is the centerpiece of effective mediation. However, all too often a successful strategy that is well implemented leading to an apparent “good deal” is circumvented as the result… Read More

Same-Sex Marriage…and Divorce

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States made a landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, holding that the Fourteenth Amendment: (1) requires each State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and (2) requires each State to recognize same sex marriages, when the marriage was lawfully licensed… Read More

How National Same-Sex Marriage Rights Affect Texas Family Issues

The year 2014 had more questions than answers when it came to judicial decisions pertaining to a long-term ban on same sex marriage in Texas. But the June 26th U.S. Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision will have a profoundly positive effect on certain family law issues for same-sex couples within the state…. Read More

Counseling Reports May Be Required for Some Texas Divorces

A typical Dallas family lawyer might argue that no judge should have the right to order counseling under the personal belief that a divorcing couple might have a chance for reconciliation. Yet under Section 6.505 of the Texas Family Code, judges actually have this right. When the court requires counseling, this requirement might delay the… Read More

Enforcing Texas Divorce Terms is Not a Do-it-Yourself Project

In Texas, the terms of the final divorce decree form a legally-binding contract that courts expect to be strictly followed because it is also the order of the court. After divorce, however, sometimes circumstances change in ways that affect either party’s ability to continue complying with the document as written. Section 9.003 of the Texas… Read More

The Final Divorce Decree is Not Etched in Stone

A great deal of thought and compromise goes into the development of a Texas divorce decree. However, obtaining a signed “Final Decree of Divorce” does not guarantee that the legal proceedings are over once and for all. Our Courts retain jurisdiction over the case, and over the conservatorship and support of your children, long after… Read More

The Element of Surprise: Drug Tests in Texas Divorces or Custody Case

For many, divorce can be full of surprises. Sometimes, even the fact that you’re getting divorced comes as a surprise. Our Plano divorce lawyers at Goranson Bain work hard to help mitigate the surprises, but there is one aspect of a divorce when sometimes the surprise is very strategic. Drug tests can radically change the… Read More

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Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

In my client consultations as a Dallas divorce lawyer, I answer many questions about separation and divorce. But the question that always makes me scratch my head is the question that comes well after my client has poured their heart out to me and described the issues they are having with their spouse. They are… Read More

Being an Effective Witness

Giving your testimony is one of the most important events that will occur in your case. While your Dallas family lawyer will be doing her absolute best to represent your interests, who can be a better advocate in support of your case than you? Appear Confident and Calm Witnesses often place an inordinate amount of… Read More

Collaborative Divorce Doesn’t Promote Divorce

As a believing Christian I am often confronted with the question, “How do you do what you do while claiming to be a Christian?” I’ll save the theological response for another time, but my usual answer is this: “How does a Christian medical examiner do what he or she does?” When a person dies, the… Read More

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Finding Someone New: What Happens to the Alimony?

Resolve Alimony Conflicts With the Help of a Divorce Lawyer In most divorce decisions, receiving alimony is conditional.  If a certain condition occurs, the alimony payments will end, even if a spouse is supposed to receive it for a longer period of time. When Does Alimony End? While a divorcing couple can agree to any… Read More

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Negotiating with Your Spouse

Anticipating How Your Spouse Handles Relationship Stress Can Give You the Edge in Divorce Negotiations Have you ever considered how you and your spouse typically resolve conflicts within your relationship? We as Dallas divorce lawyers feel it could be well worth your while to do so, even if the relationship is ending. Why? We live in… Read More

Flat Fee Divorce

How much will my divorce cost? This question is one of the first questions that you will most likely want answered when you are considering filing for a divorce. Unfortunately, the answer is not always simple because the cost of a divorce is driven by many varying factors. One of the most significant factors that… Read More

High Conflict Divorces – What is the Cause?

The best indicator that your divorce is going to be difficult is a realistic view of your marriage. If a marriage has been filled with chronic conflict, then you should expect the divorce process to also be filled with conflict. In almost every high conflict case, the driving force fueling the conflict is a spouse… Read More

Dealing With an Ex Who is an Alcoholic

To some people, the hardest decision they ever have to make is deciding to file for divorce from an alcoholic spouse. When the decision is made, one thing that is seldom analyzed is the fact that one day; the children might be left alone with the alcoholic spouse. To many single parents, this is a… Read More

GRAY DIVORCES: When Older Parties Untie the Knot

In 1967, the Beatles asked: “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m Sixty Four?” Today, Sir Paul, the answer increasingly is “No.” Divorce among older Americans has grown dramatically over the last decades. Trend spotters have dubbed these break-ups “Gray Divorces,” “Empty Nest Divorces,” or “Silver Separations.” According to a… Read More

The Minimally-Invasive Divorce

Over the last 25 years Americans have been on the cutting edge of advancements in medicine. 25 years ago a back surgery required long hospital stays, metal plates, and months of recovery. Today, surgeons deliver “minimally-invasive” procedures that have folks in and out faster than a TSA security pat-down. So why do we still languish… Read More

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Recording Your Spouse – A Preliminary Guide

Electronic evidence is more and more prevalent in contested divorce and child-custody cases. Electronic evidence includes text messages, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, audio and video recordings, and e-mails. It is not uncommon for a client, after doing his/her own “investigative” work, to come into the office with a video recording or other electronic evidence and… Read More

Life After Divorce

It is important to provide notice to the court, governmental agencies, your employer, and others of the changes that have taken place in your life as a result of the divorce whether it is a change in tax status, change of address, change in beneficiary designations, or a name change.   It is also important that… Read More

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3 Things You Should Not Do In a Divorce

The simple truth is that when a person is placed under extraordinary stress the universal human instinct for survival frequently tends to temporarily override rationality, common decency, and even parental wisdom. Virtually everyone who has faced the prospect of a separation or divorce has felt the extraordinary pressures that it causes. Most of the pressure… Read More

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Does Social Security Incentivize Divorce?

The original concept behind the Social Security program was to blunt the increasing risks of poverty to the average American worker by providing a modest form of “social insurance” after reaching the age of 65. By 1934, America was in the throes of the longest and most severe economic depression in its history and millions… Read More

Protect your credit

6 Ways To Protect Your Credit in a Divorce

Your credit score and ability to obtain credit can have a significant impact on your life post divorce. It can impact your ability to qualify for a new credit card, car loan or home loan, or your ability to refinance an existing home loan or obtain a line of credit. Run your credit report during… Read More

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Home Equity and Your Divorce: What You Need To Know

Marriage is an economic relationship as much as a social one. In a divorce, fairly dividing marital assets is one of the most important concerns. Equity in a home is the difference between the market value of the real estate and the amount still owed against it on a mortgage. Equity in a shared home… Read More

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How To Tell Your Children You Are Getting Divorced: 5 Tips

As a family law attorney and a marriage and family therapist, we have seen many examples, both good and bad, of the impact of divorce on children. Over the years, we have gained some insight into how to alleviate some of the more troubling aspects of divorce on children by creating an atmosphere where the children can flourish. Below are some tips.

Preparing Your Client For The Social Psychological Or Home Study

The child custody evaluation is often the most critical piece of evidence in a contested custody case. The results of a child custody evaluation can make or break a client’s case. Preparation can make a tremendous difference in not only how the evaluator sees your client but also in the recommendations made by the evaluation. Most clients, however, are poorly informed about the significance and process of a child custody evaluation and therefore are ill prepared for it.

The Financial Implications Of Divorce In Texas

As the nation slowly recovers from one of the worst recessions in its history, many people are concerned about how divorce may affect their finances. However, there are options available to help people keep down the costs of divorce and to emerge from divorce with a clear understanding of their assets and debt obligations. While… Read More

Goranson Bain- Baby Boomer Divorce

The Gray Divorce: Baby Boomers Are Ending Marriages Later in Life

News this summer that the 40-year marriage of Al and Tipper Gore is coming to an end underscores a recent trend in American matrimony: couples who have made it through decades of family rearing and career building are parting ways in unprecedented numbers. American baby boomers are splitting up at three times the rate of… Read More

The Great Recession And Its Impact On Divorce

 The current recession appears to be affecting divorce rates, which had declined, but now may be on the rise. A recent study suggests finances may play the larger role in determining whether a couple stays together. “The Survey of Marital Generosity” from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia indicates that the financial… Read More

Why A Pre Nuptial Agreement Is An Expression Of Love

The annual Valentine’s Day holiday is a reminder of how much importance we place on letting our significant others know how much we care about them. The well-prepared have already made romantic dinner reservations, bought flowers, bought candy, bought jewelry – or some combination of those traditional gestures – while the not-so-well-prepared will be hitting… Read More

Drug Testing 2013

Tom Greenwald Drug Testing – Use and Defense State Bar of Texas 2012 Advanced Family Law Course (Excerpts) Seven Tips and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Drug Testing in Divorce Cases and Other Family Law Cases Will I know in advance that the opposing party or opposing attorney is going to ask the judge for me… Read More

Preparation For Your Deposition And Court Testimony

Tom Greenwald Board Certified – Family Law Texas Board of Legal Specialization Goranson Bain, PLLC 6900 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400 Plano, Texas 75024 (214) 473-9696 tgreenwald@gbfamilylaw.com www.goransonbain.com A. INTRODUCTION You are about to give sworn testimony, either by deposition in an attorney’s office or in the courtroom. This information is presented in an effort… Read More

Is your spouse hiding assets during your divorce?

Even when both spouses are fully cooperative, divorce is often one of the most stressful, difficult experiences that people go through in their lives. When one spouse resorts to trickery and dishonesty, however, the divorce process can be harder still. Unfortunately, perhaps because of the high stakes and surging emotions that divorce often involves, divorcing… Read More