How National Same-Sex Marriage Rights Affect Texas Family Issues

The year 2014 had more questions than answers when it came to judicial decisions pertaining to a long-term ban on same sex marriage in Texas. But the June 26th U.S. Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision will have a profoundly positive effect on certain family law issues for same-sex couples within the state…. Read More

Texas Surrogacy Agreements Require Agreement by Many Parties

The overall concept of surrogacy has been around for a relatively short period of time, but the process has given new hope to parents who are unable to conceive or carry children and same-sex couples. The exact number of babies born through surrogacy to U.S. families each year is not known because most surrogacy pregnancies… Read More

What is Involved in a Texas Adoption

When so many children need permanent, loving homes, it may seem counter-intuitive that adopting a child is more complicated and time-consuming than natural childbirth. However, each Plano family law attorney at GoransonBain Ausley is quick to point out that the Texas adoption process helps ensure that adoptive parents are, in many ways, better prepared than… Read More

Becoming a Foster Parent

The foster care system of Texas recruits stable families who are interested in sharing their blessings with a child or sibling group in need of a safe and nurturing environment. It is important to know that you do not need to be a candidate for Sainthood to apply and begin the process to become a… Read More

Equal Parenting Time: Will it Work for your Family?

***UPDATE*** House Bill 2363, discussed below, did not become law. Now it is 2017, the Texas Legislature is back in session, and a new “Equal Parenting” bill has been introduced. House Bill 453 contains most of the same provisions, and problems, that were found in last session’s HB 2363. As before, the bill mistakenly focuses… Read More


The Fulfilling Journey to Adopting a Child

Adoption is a very special journey. In many ways it is a journey that could be the most joyous and fulfilling experience a person can have. Adoption statistics show how much adoptive parents cherish the time they have with their children. They appreciate every day the opportunity to be a mom and a dad, and… Read More