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Can My Spouse Take Half of My Business in Divorce?

One form of the American Dream is building a business from the ground up and developing it over time into a source of pride and profit. Rarely does such development take place rapidly. Instead, it is far more often a labor of love and takes time, toil and talent to create a business that generates… Read More

Keeping the House but Dividing the Equity- Kris Algert- Goranson Bain Ausley- Austin Texas

Keeping the House but Dividing the Equity

In many divorces, the principal, and sometimes only, asset is the marital residence. Couples typically purchase a residence with some money down and a mortgage that consists of monthly payments comprised of interest and principal. Over time, the part of the payments going toward principal increases and the part going toward interest decreases. This principal… Read More

Practical Tips to Make a Divorce Less Painful

Deciding to divorce is one of the most difficult decision a person can make. Plano Family Lawyer and GoransonBain Ausley partner, Hayley B. Collins takes you through five tips for individuals contemplating or who are in the divorce process. A quote that I often share with clients going through a divorce when there are minor… Read More


Marriage, Mortgages, and Millennials

Prior generations aspired to get married, buy a home, and have children. In that order. The millennial generation has changed that order. Both inside and outside the context of a divorce, this decision carries with it a variety of legal ramifications. Millennials Cohabitating The millennial generation is now between the ages of twenty-three and thirty-eight…. Read More

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Divorce: Complex Property

What classifies property as “complex” in a divorce? Complex property matters include marital assets that require a special expertise or effort in addressing them. This may include business valuation issues, characterization and tracing of assets, closely-held business interests, trust matters, employment benefits and tax issues among many others. I’ve heard that divorces with complex property… Read More


5 Tips for Dealing with High Conflict Personalities During Divorce

A high conflict personality is defined as a person with long-standing patterns of behavior and experience that adversely affect the person’s interrelationships with others and ability to function effectively in the world. A high conflict personality type can exist in both complex and simple divorce cases. Divorcing someone with high conflict personality could produce additional… Read More


What is Needed to Prove Separate Property at Time of Divorce

Property issues can be very complex, and this post is designed to give a brief overview of separate and community property in Texas and what is required to prove separate property. Understanding of Community Property and Separate Property The Texas Family Code provides all property owned during the marriage is presumed to be the community… Read More


Dividing Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units in Divorce

Stock options and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are assets that many couples divide in their divorce, especially when one spouse is a high-level employee of a company. These assets can be tricky to divide because of disagreements over their character and value. Stock options and RSUs are not the same. The timing, value, and purpose… Read More

Tips for Financial Wellness in Divorce -budget - Lindsey Obenhaus- Family Law and Divorce Attorney- Goranson Bain

Tips for Financial Wellness in Divorce

Money is a central issue in every Texas divorce case. You will need to identify and divide property, allocate debts, and plan for your financial future. This can be a stressful process for anyone, whether you are a financially-savvy businesswoman, or a stay-at-home parent who lacks financial control. This is because our beliefs about money… Read More

Divorce and the Family Home – Keep it or Sell it?

In a divorce action, one of the most difficult financial issues you may face is whether to keep or sell the family home. This decision is also one of the most emotionally charged issues because continuing to live in the family home is comforting and represents security and stability for the children during the stressful… Read More

The Final Divorce Decree is Not Etched in Stone

A great deal of thought and compromise goes into the development of a Texas divorce decree. However, obtaining a signed “Final Decree of Divorce” does not guarantee that the legal proceedings are over once and for all. Our Courts retain jurisdiction over the case, and over the conservatorship and support of your children, long after… Read More

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Finding Someone New: What Happens to the Alimony?

Resolve Alimony Conflicts With the Help of a Divorce Lawyer In most divorce decisions, receiving alimony is conditional.  If a certain condition occurs, the alimony payments will end, even if a spouse is supposed to receive it for a longer period of time. When Does Alimony End? While a divorcing couple can agree to any… Read More

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Negotiating with Your Spouse

Anticipating How Your Spouse Handles Relationship Stress Can Give You the Edge in Divorce Negotiations Have you ever considered how you and your spouse typically resolve conflicts within your relationship? We as Dallas divorce lawyers feel it could be well worth your while to do so, even if the relationship is ending. Why? We live in… Read More

What Happens to an LLC in Divorce? Part 2

What Happens to an LLC in Divorce? Part 2

Divorce So, what happens to an LLC interest when the spouses divorce?  There is very little case law that deals with divorce and limited liability company interests.  Based on current Texas statutory law the only interest that can be owned by “the member’s spouse, to the extent of the spouse’s membership interest, if any, is… Read More

What Happens to an LLC in Divorce? Part 1

Today, it is not unusual to see a spouse operating a business in the form of a limited liability company or owning an interest in an investment that is a limited liability company (hereafter sometimes referred to as an LLC). This is a relatively recent phenomenon. In 1991 Texas became the 7th state to authorize… Read More

7 Common Tax Issues to Consider When Negotiating Your Divorce Settlement

During your divorce, you will be faced with various tax issues and it is important that you explore those issues with an appropriate professional before you start to negotiate your final divorce settlement. Frequently these tax issues are discovered after the settlement has already been negotiated and having to resolve these tax issues post settlement… Read More

Flat Fee Divorce

How much will my divorce cost? This question is one of the first questions that you will most likely want answered when you are considering filing for a divorce. Unfortunately, the answer is not always simple because the cost of a divorce is driven by many varying factors. One of the most significant factors that… Read More

Life After Divorce

It is important to provide notice to the court, governmental agencies, your employer, and others of the changes that have taken place in your life as a result of the divorce whether it is a change in tax status, change of address, change in beneficiary designations, or a name change.   It is also important that… Read More

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The Importance of Financial Discussions Prior to Marriage

Some of the leading causes of divorce are financial disputes. Financial infidelity can be just as destructive to a relationship as sexual infidelity. People with differing financial values i.e. a saver versus a spender can cause friction. And often it is very difficult for an individual to change his or her fundamental financial values, habits,… Read More

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Does Social Security Incentivize Divorce?

The original concept behind the Social Security program was to blunt the increasing risks of poverty to the average American worker by providing a modest form of “social insurance” after reaching the age of 65. By 1934, America was in the throes of the longest and most severe economic depression in its history and millions… Read More

Addiction: Not just a Hollywood Problem

The tragic death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman due to an apparent overdose of heroin has highlighted the complex issue of addiction and relapse, particularly to opioids. Opioids, whether they are prescription painkillers such as Vicodin or Percocet, or heroin, are extremely addictive, making recovery difficult and relapse easy.  Hoffman’s death was so shocking because… Read More

Protect your credit

6 Ways To Protect Your Credit in a Divorce

Your credit score and ability to obtain credit can have a significant impact on your life post divorce. It can impact your ability to qualify for a new credit card, car loan or home loan, or your ability to refinance an existing home loan or obtain a line of credit. Run your credit report during… Read More

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Divorce Can Mean Hard Financial Times; Plan To Keep Yourself in the Black

The time you spend going through a divorce, along with the immediate aftermath, can be one of the most financially challenging periods of your life. Often, this difficulty comes when you are least able to deal with it, considering the emotional strains of divorce. Yet, with a solid financial strategy and an experienced family law… Read More

The Financial Implications Of Divorce In Texas

As the nation slowly recovers from one of the worst recessions in its history, many people are concerned about how divorce may affect their finances. However, there are options available to help people keep down the costs of divorce and to emerge from divorce with a clear understanding of their assets and debt obligations. While… Read More

Goranson Bain- Baby Boomer Divorce

The Gray Divorce: Baby Boomers Are Ending Marriages Later in Life

News this summer that the 40-year marriage of Al and Tipper Gore is coming to an end underscores a recent trend in American matrimony: couples who have made it through decades of family rearing and career building are parting ways in unprecedented numbers. American baby boomers are splitting up at three times the rate of… Read More

The Great Recession And Its Impact On Divorce

 The current recession appears to be affecting divorce rates, which had declined, but now may be on the rise. A recent study suggests finances may play the larger role in determining whether a couple stays together. “The Survey of Marital Generosity” from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia indicates that the financial… Read More

Is your spouse hiding assets during your divorce?

Even when both spouses are fully cooperative, divorce is often one of the most stressful, difficult experiences that people go through in their lives. When one spouse resorts to trickery and dishonesty, however, the divorce process can be harder still. Unfortunately, perhaps because of the high stakes and surging emotions that divorce often involves, divorcing… Read More