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Divorce: Mental Health

Posted January 26, 2019, Published by | ,

Mental health issues can challenge any marriage. The same mental health issues that affected your marriage will probably impact your divorce and the division of your assets. For families with children, each spouse’s mental health history is important to custody decisions. Q. How will a proven history with mental health issues affect what I am… Read More

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Divorce: Complex Property

Posted January 26, 2019, Published by | , ,

What classifies property as “complex” in a divorce? Complex property matters include marital assets that require a special expertise or effort in addressing them. This may include business valuation issues, characterization and tracing of assets, closely-held business interests, trust matters, employment benefits and tax issues among many others. I’ve heard that divorces with complex property… Read More

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How to Successfully Divorce Someone with a High-Conflict Personality

Posted January 26, 2019, Published by | ,

 Is it possible to get through this divorce with a good outcome, considering I am divorcing someone who might be sociopathic? Yes, although divorcing someone with a personality disorder or a high-conflict personality adds another layer of complexity that should not be ignored. More and more individuals confronting the prospect of divorce are also forced… Read More


5 Tips for Dealing with High Conflict Personalities During Divorce

Posted January 24, 2019, Published by | , ,

A high conflict personality is defined as a person with long-standing patterns of behavior and experience that adversely affect the person’s interrelationships with others and ability to function effectively in the world. A high conflict personality type can exist in both complex and simple divorce cases. Divorcing someone with high conflict personality could produce additional… Read More


How will the Government Shutdown affect my Divorce?

Posted January 10, 2019, Published by | ,

  If you are contemplating filing for divorce, or if have a divorce pending, you may be concerned about how a government shutdown will affect your cashflow and investments. The good news is that the economic impact, overall, is likely to be small. In late 2013, a similar government shutdown, spanning 16 days, trimmed overall… Read More

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Should You Say “I Do” to a Premarital Agreement

Posted January 1, 2019, Published by | ,

The wedding day is fast-approaching: the venue is secured, friends and family members have made travel plans, and most of the details have been completed. You are ready to rest, relax, and enjoy the days leading up to this milestone event. But then, your soon-to-be-spouse presents you with a premarital agreement to sign. What should… Read More


What is Needed to Prove Separate Property at Time of Divorce

Posted December 17, 2018, Published by | , , ,

Property issues can be very complex, and this post is designed to give a brief overview of separate and community property in Texas and what is required to prove separate property. Understanding of Community Property and Separate Property The Texas Family Code provides all property owned during the marriage is presumed to be the community… Read More


5 Tips for Telling Your Children About the Divorce

Posted December 13, 2018, Published by | , , , ,

The divorce process is a very trying time for divorcing spouses, but the impact of the divorce is even greater for any children involved. Telling your children about the divorce may invoke feels of sadness, anger, and guilt. However, you must remember that this conversation is one that your children will remember. How should divorcing… Read More

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Child-Focused Co-Parenting

Posted November 28, 2018, Published by | ,

One of the hardest decisions any person makes is the decision to divorce.  That decision brings final acceptance that you and your partner were unable to create the future you planned for when you got married, which was to face life’s challenges and celebrations together, forever. The decision is even harder when children are involved…. Read More


Dividing Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units in Divorce

Posted November 13, 2018, Published by | ,

Stock options and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are assets that many couples divide in their divorce, especially when one spouse is a high-level employee of a company. These assets can be tricky to divide because of disagreements over their character and value. Stock options and RSUs are not the same. The timing, value, and purpose… Read More