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How to Avoid Losing Your Separate Property in Divorce

Posted February 22, 2021, Published by |

Your rights regarding your separate property are important, and in Texas, the state constitution even protects your separate property rights. A probate court cannot undo the decisions you make before you die regarding your separate property. A divorce court cannot take away your separate property if your marriage ends in divorce. However, you can do… Read More

Top 10 Reasons for a Collaborative Divorce in Texas

Posted January 20, 2021, Published by | , ,

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1. Agreements not War A Collaborative Divorce involves direct negotiation between the parties, in joint meetings, with lawyers present and participating. Everyone signs an agreement at the beginning of the case committing to reach a final agreement, even if difficult, and not to go to court to resolve differences. Neither spouse can force the other… Read More

How Does Property Division Work in the State of Texas?

Posted December 11, 2020, Published by | Videos

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What is the difference between community property and separate property? Plano family law attorney Ryan Bauerle answers clients’ most frequent questions about property division during a divorce. For more resources on property division, please visit our Property Division page, or our property division articles.

Five Strategies for Effective Co-Parent Communication

Posted September 17, 2020, Published by | Videos

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In this video, GoransonBain Ausley family law attorneys Aimee Pingenot Key and Katie Samler work with clinical psychologist Honey Sheff to describe five tools for constructive co-parenting. This video is for divorcing or divorced parents who are facing issues related to the pandemic. Dr. Sheff focuses on how parents can exhibit… Read More

Remote Learning and Child Custody

Posted September 2, 2020, Published by | , ,

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Frustrated parents across Texas are juggling working from home and managing their kids’ Zoom class schedules. With tensions running high, disagreements about remote learning are flooding courtrooms. In a perfect world, parents would work together to conquer in-person/remote/hybrid learning. But if COVID-19 is bringing out the worst in your co-parent and you are thinking about… Read More