Why GoransonBain Ausley?

Meet Your Family Attorney Team

If you need a law firm to assist you in a family law matter, consider GoransonBain Ausley for several reasons:

  • Our approach seeks to maintain a supportive, rational atmosphere, even in high-conflict situations. This not only reduces the emotional and psychological impact for all involved, but can also help you reduce the time and costs you have to devote to your case by avoiding unnecessary delays, diversions and posturing.
  • Our team of lawyers includes some of the area’s most respected family law attorneys. Our attorneys are consistently recognized by peers and the press for their professionalism, expertise and ability to deliver results.
  •  Our firm includes three former family court judges, who can offer clients a perspective and analysis of their family law matters from a judge’s point of view.
  • We offer comprehensive experience in virtually every area of family law so that we can assist you not just with immediate needs, but also with any other issues that may arise in the future.
  • Our locations in Austin, Dallas and Collin counties add a welcome level of convenience for our clients.

If you are contemplating a life-changing decision such as marriage, divorce, custody modification or adoption, call us today  to arrange a consultation with a family law attorney at our firm.