“I highly recommend Angel Berbarie in family matter disputes. Going through a divorce is an emotional and financial challenge. What you need more than anything is a steady hand who is looking out for your interests; that is exactly what Angel is. I’ve recommended her to multiple friends of mine as well, and each has had a great experience working with her.” – Russ, 2017

“No one likes divorce and frankly no one likes paying a divorce attorney! However, when I needed help through this difficult process, I could not have asked for a better advisor than Curtis. He was professional, exceptionally knowledgeable, and clearly concerned for the personal well-being of both myself and my family. He worked as my professional advocate, personal counselor, and at times the needed voice of hard truth and reason. He did such an effective job that my ex-spouse actually stopped using her own attorney! Ironically, taking Curtis’s recommendations were one of the few things we both agreed to through the process. His service is worth so much more than the cost. I trusted his advice and use of billable time completely. Divorce is a series overwhelming emotion and difficult decisions. Fortunately this one is easy; hire him. If you are reviewing in consideration of divorce, I truly hope you can find reconciliation, however, if you do need to hire an attorney, I cannot recommend Curtis (and Carolyn) enough.” – Chris, 2016

“My divorce was not a pleasant, amicable split. I was faced with the possibility of having my three young children relocated halfway across the state. The time and effort that I spent during the two year process took a huge toll on me physically, emotionally, and professionally. It was absolutely the toughest challenge I have faced in my life. Thankfully, I was referred to Lindley Bain. Her upfront, honest, no nonsense approach to my case helped me cope with the changes that we’re occurring in my life. Her knowledge and presence, in and out of the courtroom, are impeccable! Every meeting that we had together was pertinent and reaffirmed my belief that I had the best representation possible. Through every step, hurdle, setback and victory, I knew Ms. Bain was by my side. My case ended up going to trial and Ms. Bain was ready. She navigated my case through the trial phase with precision. Not only do my children still live in DFW, but I see them 5-7 times weekly. I am able to be an active, loving father because of the dedication and hard work of Lindley Bain. Retaining Ms. Bain was one of the best choices I have made…period.” – Richard, 2014

“While afflicted with severe PDSD and clinical depression, my wife decided to implement her plan , of 3+ years, to rid herself of me (assets were hidden, etc.). At that time, I was unable to do anything but weep, as this was coinsident with the death of my best friend. Ms. Bain, fought for me as only a caring, sympathic, knowledgeable professional could. Ms. Bain sought my best interest in every way, putting her ego aside. Ms. Bain, is 100% client centered and trustworthy in every way. Thanks to Ms.Bain’s professional guidance and suggestions I now reside in the Pintler Wilderness of Montana creating and selling my art … completely recovered.” – Thomas, 2014

“Jeff represented my wife and our daughter through a very difficult custody situation for an excruciating 7 year period. There were no less than 4 different cases opened and Jeff was our godsend, legal “angel”. Not only did the results of Jeff’s work protect our daughter from an abusive and narcissistic bio-Dad, but in the end, I was able to adopt my step-daughter and remove all traces of that negative person from her life. His tenacity, fairness and knowledge was beyond reproach and his passion to achieve he best outcome for his clients’ is unmatched. I cannot find enough positive words to express our families’ gratitude for Jeff and his unbelievable dedication to Texas Family Law. You would be blessed to have Jeff represent you and your family’s interests.” – John, 2014

“Mr. Domen did an excellent job handling my divorce case. He was fast, responsive and diligent about making decisions in my best interest. I have worked with a number of lawyers in the past and Mr. Domen is a top-notch and professional lawyer. I would highly recommend Mr. Domen.” – Anonymous, 2014

“I interviewed 8 law firms looking for someone whom I felt I could trust, would take my case as serious as if it were their own, and would treat the opposing party with respect, yet still make sure my rights were upheld and defended. Concluding my first interview with Jeff Domen, I knew he would meet all the criteria that I was looking for in my divorce… without a doubt, I knew I had found someone who would treat my soon-to-be ex spouse with respect and dignity while making sure that the separation was fair and equitable to us both. When we met again to go through the details of my case, Jeff made sure that I was prepared with all documentation for him to fully understand our circumstances. Thus, he was clearly organized and prepared to advise me on how to make the separation as painless, yet fair as possible to us both. When situations would arise where my rights were being infringed upon, Jeff valiantly and professionally made sure that my rights were upheld and defended in a civil manner. I found Jeff to be extremely open, honest, and easy to communicate with under the circumstances. He was able to be understanding, yet very upfront and honest during such a difficult situation while still treating us all with respect and dignity. I could not give Jeff a recommendation any higher than this one. I was in a tough spot with the opposing party, their counsel, and the situation looked bleak. But Jeff was able to help me understand my rights, what to expect, and prepare me for the good and the bad. He was able to get what was right, fair, and equitable for me. This, i didn’t think was possible going into the situation, as the opposing party with the help of their counsel had been preparing for over a year for the divorce. Jeff took care of that!!! I wish i had Jeff for a neighbor! Good people may seem hard to find when going through a tough situation like a divorce, but I knew after the first meeting that Jeff was not just a good person, but that Jeff is a GREAT person… who just happens to be in the family law business. I give thanks to Jeff every time I look into the eyes of my children and our future together.” – Jamison, 2013

“From the first time my husband and I met Jeff, he gave us options. He presented us with facts about both sides of our case. One of the best things about Jeff is he listened to us, and wasted no time getting started working for us. He was diligent in all aspects of our case and his preparation for trial was beyond what I could have hoped for. Jeff brought his heart to our case. He was always available to us and made us feel like a priority. Jeff was prepared, professional, personable, and great at his job. We will use Jeff in the future for any other family law matter.
Jeff also surrounds himself with the best staff. His paralegal, Debby, is truly amazing. Her attention to detail in preparing documents made all the difference in our case. I cannot say in words what Jeff Domen and his staff have meant to our family. It is because of Jeff that we brought our precious son home.” – Sandra, 2013

“Masterful – That’s the word that came to mind as I watched Jeff Domen in court representing my wife and I in an adoption case, which had gone awry. That I was so impressed wasn’t a surprise, since every aspect of his involvement in our case up to that point had been consummately professional. He was incredibly well prepared and singularly focused. And, in a turbulent and stressful time for us, Jeff was also a calming and reassuring presence. There is nothing more you can hope for than a lawyer who truly cares about your case and possesses the wisdom and experience to handle it effectively. No attorney can guarantee you’ll prevail, but I promise you, this one will leave everything on the field. By the way, Jeff did prevail in our case, and we got to bring our baby boy home just in time for Thanksgiving.” – Dave, 2013

“My case sat cold for a year with a named partner with another firm prior to Mr Domen becoming my lawyer. I have great appreciation and respect of his knowledge and skill as a lawyer and person. Mr. Domen’s direct communication style and ability to educate me through the process was immediate and refreshing. He not only counseled me through the legal issues, but he also took the time to understand some underlying issues around the case and offer personal counsel as well as great referrals for what seemed to be a “holistic package”. He made the hardest decision I ever had to make easier and clearer than most. I believe the true “feather in his cap” is when my ex-husband fired his attorney and asked to split the cost to have Mr. Domen complete the process. I would describe him as a bulldog that stays on top of his cases and drives for the best results for his clients. At no time during the process did I feel that Mr. Domen didn’t have my and my children’s best interest prioritized. He is amazing and I would HIGHLY recommend him to my closest friends and family. I also can’t say enough about his wonderful staff! Thanks, Debby!” – Anonymous, 2012

“Mr Domen is an excellent lawyer who not only helped me attain a reasonable divorce settlement but one where I was named custodial parent and allowed to relocate with my 2 boys back to my home state after a short stay in Texas. My divorce process with my wife was often contentious and filled with un truths. Mr Domen was insightful, flexible and able to utilize a team of professionals that brought the truth out thus allowing my case to be mediated before going to trial. That tbeing said , Mr Domen and his team were thoroughly prepared and I am confident that a trial would have been favorable for me as well. In addition to being named the custodial parent, I was granted child support $$, the ability to relocate back home out of state after just a short time in Texas and I have primary decision making with regards to healthcare, education, etc. As a man and father, you can imagine how difficult this was to attain. My boys are extremely happy to be back home and this could not have been accomplished without Mr Domens’s understanding, compassion and expertise. While divorce is a life changing event and one that should be avoided whenever possible, once divorce is inevitable I believe one should obtain the proper legal advice and assistance that will protect your rights. For me Jeff Domen was the lawyer who made the seemingly impossible possible. I will forever be grateful and I cannot recommend him enough. If you are looking for a smart and aggressive lawyer who will represent you and your rights, then Jeff Domen should be high on your list.” – Anonymous, 2012

“Diana and her team helped me when I needed it most. They were very professional, very attentive and extremely caring. They assumed my case and put forth more effort than some lawyers I had worked with in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. My case is still active but regardless of the outcome, I am so impressed and grateful for their involvement” –Anonymous, 2013

“Thank you for your incredible help throughout my divorce. I especially appreciate your sensitivity at a time when I was very emotional. There were so many issues in this case and you were wonderful through it all. Thank you, thank you.” – M.M.

“Tom and his staff were exactly what I needed to navigate my divorce. What was supposed to be an uncontested settlement went south quickly. The poise and non-emotional approach of Tom and his staff to all of the tactics thrown at us from the other side was just incredible. I consider myself about as cool, calm, and collected as they come; but I had my buttons pushed and I was ready to over-react. When an attorney who stands to gain financially from an approach you are suggesting tells you to chill and sit tight…well that’s the guy you want in your corner. Plain and simple.” – Randy

“I retained Tom Greenwald to represent me in a significant divorce matter. From the outset, Tom’s attention to detail, knowledge of the applicable law regarding the assets involved, and his ability to take control of the legal proceedings without polarizing the other side was extremely impressive. Tom’s knowledge and skill resulted in a very favorable and early resolution to my case. I would recommend Tom to anyone who desires the best result in the shortest time.” – B.W. former client

“Tom Greenwald is an extraordinary lawyer. He is at once passionate and compassionate. My case was a very complicated gay and lesbian family dispute, where the law, in many ways, was lacking and silent–if not “aspirational” when it came to dealing with the many, many moving parts of my family. Tom Greenwald didn’t blink an eye, he graciously and respectfully accepted my case and got to work. He listened, he asked questions, he learned, he understood, he was responsive, kind, patient and, most of all, he was my champion–wiling to fight for my rights both as someone who truly believes in doing the right thing but also as as an expert in the law and its myriad interpretations. I trusted Tom with my family and he never, ever let me down. I am eternally grateful for Tom and all that he is and does. Thank you Tom.” – Anonymous

“All family lawyers are not the same-believe me. As a practicing attorney of over 25 years, I know how lawyers operate. Tom Greenwald is a godsend and helped me through a very contentious divorce. Tom is practical, attentive, patient, strategic, measured, efficient, and ethical. If you think all family law/divorce lawyers are alike then choice will not matter. However, if you want an experienced lawyer who looks for solutions and resolution, not big legal fees, then Tom Greenwald is the lawyer to represent you in what will be most certainly one of the most difficult times in your life.” – M.T. former client
“I have used Tom as a lawyer in several of my personal matters. He has always been professional and always knows what he is talking about. He has never given me bad advice. He always puts my needs first even if that means referring me to someone else. He is truly a lawyer that cares about your needs first. I am come across some lawyers that are just after money and really don’t care what your outcome is. Tom, is absolutely the best lawyer you will ever find!!!! Thanks Tom for all of your time and energy you have put in to take care of my needs and my best interest!” – Randi

“It was my great fortune to select an attorney as dedicated , committed and as professional as Tom Greenwald. Tom provided clear, advantageous counsel and was truly able to assess potential negative and positive ramifications resulting from our decision making process. Divorce is certainly not a lot of fun. Having Tom in my corner relieved a great part of my concerns.” – C.W. former client

“Last December, my wife of 17 years and mother of my two children surprised me by filing for divorce. I was despondent. Not only was the person that I loved and trusted the most wanting me out of her life, I was left with a document containing legal language which I did not understand. Numerous questions filled my mind: Who would get the children? What were my rights? What steps are involved in the divorce process? I contacted Mr. Greenwald, and he responded immediately. He patiently and compassionately answered all of my questions and explained the legal language in terms which I could understand. Mr. Greenwald’s expert explanations comforted my anxiety and made me feel much better about what to expect. While I do not wish for any married couples to experience a divorce, I highly recommend Mr. Greenwald to anyone who needs a great family lawyer.” – A.K. former client

“I am a 72 year old woman who walked away from a very destructive 30 year marriage. Curtis was recommended to me by a Christian friend and from my first meeting with him I knew that he was an attorney who not only had impressive experienced but also a man of high integrity and impeccable professionalism. He and his paralegal Carolyn worked diligently with me and for me for almost two years through a very difficult and frustrating divorce. They were always available when I needed both encouragement and understanding, they never disappointed me. I know without a doubt that without Curtis’ knowledge, experience and negotiating skills that I would not have received a fair settlement at the end of this process. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express my appreciation for what he did for me.” – Dianna, 2015

“Curtis is truly professional and knowledgeable in family law. He is also very trustworthy and I was very wise to heed his advice. Do yourself a favor if you have a litigious divorce or a collaborative divorce and hire Curtis as your advocate. I am certainly glad that he was on my side in my case.” – Gregory, 2015
“Curtis and Carolyn (and the entire staff) were blessings through the custody battle. Odds are against a Dad seeking custody of their child in a Court system that is biased against men. They worked diligently to obtain custody of my daughter. And were honest about what we could expect from the Court. They are consummate professionals. Curtis is the one lawyer I would recommend to any of my friends or family members who must struggle for the best interest of the child.” – Keith, 2014

“Curtis and Carolyn (and the entire staff) were blessings throughout the entire divorce and custody process! They were phenomenally understanding, caring, and compassionate and I felt that they genuinely cared about the outcome. They were committed to achieving the best outcome for my son and I. In my interactions and dozens of conversations with Curtis and his staff, throughout the entire process, I always felt that I was speaking with a close friend or family member. Furthermore, the end result of the process met and even exceeded my highest expectations! I cannot thank Curtis enough, nor can I find the words to express the gratitude I have for Curtis and his staff for expertly guiding me through intricacies of family court. They are consummate professionals. Curtis is the one lawyer I would recommend to any of my friends or family members who face such a crossroads in life.” – Shawn, 2014

“Mr. Curtis Harrison’s thorough knowledge of Texas Family Law, along with his expert negotiation skills, secured a fair settlement in my complicated divorce. He achieved this without hostility, and without going to trial. Mr. Harrison meticulously analyzed all the issues and applied his skills to my complex case. He calmly dispelled my fears and outlined a solid course of action. I wholly and absolutely recommend Mr. Harrison. I received excellent legal counsel from an intelligent, prepared, reliable and, most importantly, ethical attorney.” – Sharon, 2013

“Curtis Harrison is a highly professional lawyer who stood on my side throughout my case. From day one he was very supportive and explained all my options clearly. Curtis was always prompt in answering any of my questions and available to talk with me when necessary. My case seemed just as important to Curtis as any others were. As my case wore on, he remained an advocate for me and my family ensuring that I weighed all options carefully. His trustworthiness allowed me to remain confident that my best interests were always at the forefront of the matter. I would recommend Curtis to any of my friends or family and will definitely use him again should I have a need in the future. It’s hard to find someone with such integrity and I am thankful that I did.” – Hope, 2013

“I know you’ll agree with me when I say there are certain people that we encounter in our lives that just automatically enhance the quality of our day-to-day. For us, it’s been Curtis Harrison and his firm. Many times when you think of the emotions that surround hiring an attorney it can be overwhelming. You need someone on your side that you can believe in and trust. The counsel Curtis has offered us has been immeasurable. He is very approachable and friendly. Sometimes when you have pleasurable experiences, especially in today’s times, you just can’t help but tell others about it. We just want you to know – We appreciate you. You are a true professional who holds every personal conversation in the highest regard.” – Tra and Julie, 2012

“Pat helped me with a modification to my existing decree which would allow for my three teenage sons to try out living out of state with their Father for high school. Pat’s creative thinking, knowledge of the law and preparedness for my trial ensured all of my concerns and objectives related to modifying my decree were met… and then some. I would not think twice about referring Pat to any of my friends.” -Pam, 2015

“I am a long term federal employee with significant retirement and health benefits that my husband coveted during our divorce. There were also valuable real estate and investment assets in the community estate. My husband had two attorneys representing him. Mr. Kelly explained early on that the court usually divides the community estate 50/50, which in my case would have been a huge loss. He then fought for and obtained far more of the assets than that, including the house, all of my federal benefits and the larger share of the thrift savings plan. He was appropriately aggressive and quickly won the other side’s attention and respect. That allowed us to settle the case in far less time – half a year, rather than the year + my friends and colleagues experienced in their divorces. He also immediately took steps to protect my safety and stopped my husband from using community funds for separate purposes. Federal benefits are administered differently from those in the private sector, and mistakes can be irreversible and costly. If you are or are divorcing a federal employee it is a great advantage if your attorney has experience in that area. Mr. Kelly also provided useful advice regarding real estate and finances that will help me in my future plans. I highly recommend his representation, especially for any complex or large asset case.”  -Anonymous, 2015

“Mr Kelly was very honest with me about my slim chances of being able to move to another location with my children, but then he did manage to get a settlement that allowed me to move. He was very patient and logical as we played a long and complicated game of chess with my ex-husband. He was also very cost conscious, and he avoided spending money on a useless deposit for mediation as well as some extra court fees. I would recommend him to anyone.” – Elizabeth, 2014

“After having previous lawyers in my divorce case, and having spent a substantial amount on legal fees, I was introduced to Chris. Chris was able to bring a level of compassion and realism to the case that others before him lacked. He was also able to see through the manipulative front being presented by the other side and approach resolution in a level headed, reasonable way geared towards halting the conflict and financial hemorrhaging associated with fees. Most importantly (and I believe due in large part to himself being the father of young children) Chris remained steadfastly focused on reaching a resolution that better allowed for the well-being of my young child.” – Anonymous, 2014

“Chris was very helpful, dependable and got me the best deal. He also has great referrals for specialists as needed. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.” – Anonymous, 2013

“Chris Lake was very proactive. He went above and beyond when dealing with my case. I never had to wait long for responses and he always followed through. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a strong, outstanding attorney. Pure excellence!!” – Kimberly, 2013

“Chris represented me in my divorce approximately a year ago. He did so with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. Chris came up with creative solutions to custody issues and was very fair when it came to billing. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough if you find yourself in a divorce situation.” – Dana, 2013
“In going through the difficult process of divorce, Chris provided the balance of a well-respected, talented litigator and sound advice in attempting to resolve the issues. He provided me with information about what was going to happen, how we would address the issues and recommended courses of action. He is well respected and an attorney I have, and would, refer to other possible clients. He is ethical and an excellent communicator.” – Scott, 2013

“I met with Chris Lake less than a year ago not knowing where my marriage was headed. He gave me good, sound legal advice. His knowledge in divorce law was obviously very important, very impressive and very helpful. However, what impressed me most about Chris, and what was ultimately the deciding factor in hiring him, was his compassion for my pain, his integrity and his wisdom. Chris walked a hard road with me. He was available. Because of his experience, he was always one step ahead and worked hard to do what was best for me. His experience was invaluable to me and how he handled my case from start to finish was with the utmost integrity. He was truly concerned for my well being and worked hard to make sure he gave me the best legal counsel he possibly could. I have a great deal of respect for Chris. I would recommend him hands down to anyone seeking a good lawyer. It’s a blessing to have a man of character representing divorce law. Divorce isn’t what most of us sign up for, but when it happens unexpectedly like it did to me, Chris is who you want representing you. He’s really good at what he does and he cares.” – Deena, 2013

“If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a divorce attorney, Chris Martin would be an excellent lawyer to retain. A little over a year go, while undergoing treatment for cancer, I found myself needing a good divorce attorney and Chris came highly recommended. I have thanked God every day since. Chris is honest and his integrity is beyond reproach. I feel like he went above and beyond his responsibilities to ensure that I understood all of my options. Chris spent a lot of time working with me and helped me through what could have been a very difficult divorce. While working on my case, Chris and his staff, who are kind and compassionate people, made sure that I understood that my health came first. I will always be thankful that I was referred to Chis and his law firm.” – Gaynelle, 2013

“Eight years ago I hired Chris and he skillfully negotiated what could have been a tricky divorce for me due to having to determine the value of my dental practice. Through collaborative law, we arrived at a fair (and agreed upon) value without having to bring in expensive “experts” to help. He also assisted me just 6 months ago when I made the shocking discovery that my ex-husband had stolen and switched out the diamond in my old wedding ring with a CZ. That was QUICKLY resolved thanks to Chris’ excellent demand letter!” – Margaret, 2013

“I went through a very difficult time in my life, an indescribable experience that I am still battling with the consequences of. I was referred to Mr. Lake by a mutual friend and he agreed to take me as a client. Mr. Lake not only gave me his knowledge and expertise regarding the law, he gave me the support I desperately needed. The legal system can be very intimidating and confusing and at times I became very frustrated and discouraged. He made sure I understood the details, every step of the way, and gave me the encouragement I needed to continue to move forward with this battle. He is ethical, beyond fair and a fierce advocate who will go above and beyond to make sure the needs of his clients are met. There are not enough things I can say to tell you how much Mr. Lake has helped me and how much I appreciate everything he has done for me.” – Justin, 2013

“Chris Lake represented me in a highly contested divorce with a minor child. He is an informed, eloquent advocate for his clients. He is professional, honest, and tough when need. I have recommended him numerous times and will continue to refer clients to him.” – Anonymous, 2013

“Beth Maultsby is an outstanding attorney with in-depth knowledge of the legal system for any family matter. Her many years of experience allow her to provide practical advice to clients to help them make informed decisions about their lives and those associated with it. She is always willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary to ensure that her client receives pertinent information and personal attention, which is extremely important when making life-changing decisions. I refer anyone I can to her, as I am confident she will provide them with premium service.” – Anonymous

“No family legal matter is comfortable, but Beth’s compassion and sincere concern for the well being for my children, knowledge of family law, timeliness and detailed communication during a horrible child custody suit kept my sanity in a made-for-the-movies case. This case had the ex-wife suing for me for custody while sleeping with a lawyer who filed for divorce three days before they sued me. All of this 15 years after we were divorced. The kids answered the door when the constable showed up. For 10 months this drug on and Beth never faltered and was able to ensure both the financial and emotional well being of the kids. We won. No family should have to go through this, but Beth and her team kept it personal and professional, and were always accessible to discuss.”- Anonymous
“Beth E. Maultsby represented me in a collaborative divorce proceeding in 2006. Throughout the process, she demonstrated her masterful legal expertise, skillful negotiation techniques, and an exceptionally high level of responsiveness. Most importantly, she cared.” – Karen

“Beth’s experience as a judge and as a lawyer was extremely beneficial for my case. She is very responsive and caring, which shows her understanding of the delicate nature of her business. She offers great advice and is very clear in her communications.” – Lisa

“When working with Beth Maultsby, her consistent, clear personal communication was over the top with “consistent” being the key word! Beth Maultsby has proven time and again to be at the top of her game in knowledge and expertise when representing me in my divorce. Her unique ability to treat you with dignity while assisting you in understanding the process so your final outcome was “a good decision” exceeded my expectation on every level. She is professional and timely to a “T” on every occasion, as was her staff. I also met with Tom Goranson and he was equal in every area as well. Over the last years, I have referred clients to Beth who have been impressed as well. Beth deals in a very emotional business, in a very emotional city, in a highly regarded high-rent area of Dallas, and does it with professionalism, class, compassion, and skill that I have yet to see in other lawyers in Dallas. I had three of the top firms before I managed to find Beth. They were a total waste of time and money, when Beth did not waste my time or money.” – Stevie

“Beth did a fantastic job with my divorce. She gave me practical and realistic advice that helped me make important decisions about the divorce process. I was very impressed with her response time and organization. I felt like I was her only client and I know she is very busy. She is also very approachable and non-judgmental in dealing with difficult subject matter. I would refer her to anyone needing her legal advice. ” – Tiffany

“My experience with lawyers prior to meeting Beth was minimal. I didn’t know what to expect or what was expected of me. The minute I met Beth, all my concerns and apprehensions were alleviated. I no longer felt like I was alone dealing with legal issues I didn’t know how to handle. Beth has such a calming way about her while insuring she is doing what is best for her client. She becomes a part of the process with you instead of just handling your case. I cannot thank Beth enough for her guidance and professionalism. Whenever anyone asks me about a great lawyer, without hesitation, I say “Beth Maultsby”.” – Leigh Ann

“Quite simply, Beth Maultsby sets exemplary standards for client/customer service. She does an excellent job explaining the applicable law and processes involved in a manner that is easy to understand for someone without a legal background. She is skilled in facilitating decision-making processes and insures that choices and consequences of decision options are clear. In her work with me, Beth’s ability to understand the needs and objectives of those involved, ranging from global intent to specific details, allowed her to articulate and document an agreement that was more than satisfactory to all. Beth is prompt, thorough, and proactive in all aspects of communication. Importantly, I was routinely apprised of her schedule and availability. Although I know that I was one of several clients she was working with, there was never a time that I did not feel I was Beth’s highest priority and only client. I highly recommend her.” – Clay

“Beth is knowledgeable, practical, responsive, and reasonable. She has the experience to anticipate issues and knows how to effectively communicate solutions and outcomes. I felt totally at ease with her judgment, wisdom, and counsel in what is a very stressful situation. I have complete confidence in recommending Beth to anyone needing a family law attorney. “ – John

“Words cannot express how appreciative I am of Ms. Maultsby. I had a very dynamic case, being that it was dealing with the geographical restriction issue. It was my desire to move back home to Georgia with our two-year-old son. Ms. Maultsby was very honest and upfront with me throughout the entire process. She advised me of what to expect – good, bad, or indifferent. She listened to my concerns and gave me sound advice legally, as well as personally. Ms. Maultsby and Therese Cone always responded back to me in a timely manner. Although my case took months to resolve, I never felt alone. I always felt like she had my best interest at heart and truly cared about my situation. I felt very confident in her knowledge and experience as a family court lawyer. Ms. Maultsby was truly the wind beneath my wings during this traumatic time in my life! Thanks, Ms. Maultsby – I will never forget you and what you did for my son and me! ” – Schaquana

“Beth Maultsby was my attorney for over a year. During that time, Ms. Maultsby demonstrated her ability to analyze my complicated situation from both a strategic and tactical perspective. Her expertise from serving on the bench provided her with first-hand knowledge of the entire court system and critical individuals who could help expedite the process. Ms. Maultsby was always conscious of my immediate and long-term financial situation. Her style of open communication provided the opportunity for us to work as a team and find creative solutions together. My needs were multiple and all consuming due to my emotional, physical, financial, and legal situations. Beth has strong interpersonal and intellectual skills, which gave her the ability to identify and distinguish the different types of needs I had. She was then able to offer solutions and/or options accordingly. When you engage an attorney, you engage a team and a firm. Beth Maultsby has an outstanding paralegal who is knowledgeable, sensitive, and, most of all, responsive. I could not have had a better attorney, team, or firm represent me. ” – Ladelle

“Beth Maultsby is both a highly qualified and knowledgeable family law attorney who brings a unique perspective to her cases from her years as a judge on the bench. Equally important, Beth takes the time to gain a clear understanding of what her clients’ objectives are in crafting the resolution of their litigation. Her balanced and practical approach is grounded in common sense, based on a superior knowledge of the law, and founded by a concern for the well being of her clients and their children. ” – Ken

“After being disappointed and disillusioned by my previous lawyer, I found a lawyer who not only knew and understood the law, but who showed genuine care and concern for the child who was the center of my custody dispute. Beth Maultsby’s training and experience in social work allowed her to understand the true issues that were presented in my case. Beth was always responsive, timely, and knew how to effectively communicate with me, even on the days when I was distraught. Even with a non-responsive attorney on the other side, she was able to move the matter to a timely conclusion. More than anything else, I knew Beth listened to me, something that is so important when such sensitive matters are being litigated.” – Sharon

“I had an extremely positive experience with Kathryn at a very trying time in my life. She was very professional, kind, responsive, caring, thoughtful and giving of her time above and beyond her role as my attorney. She was very resourceful in helping me make difficult decisions and was excellent at negotiations. I strongly recommend her.”  -Anonymous, 2014

“Kathryn provided excellent representation for my divorce case. She was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. She provided very quick responses and follow-up for all the details. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone that I know in a similar situation.” -Dan, 2014

“Kathryn Murphy is an amazing attorney. I had hired another attorney to handle my divorce and things were not going well. There was a lot at stake in my divorce and there were some unusual circumstances. Kathryn was recommended to me and I called her for a consultation. I shared with her my circumstances and what had happened in the divorce so far. Her knowledge of the law and how it would affect my circumstances was excellent. She took over my case and did a fantastic job. She fought for me, something the first attorney was not doing. My divorce had gone on for 11 months with no end in sight when I hired her and she got a settlement for me in 6 weeks. Her professionalism, intelligence, knowledge of the law, integrity, and trustworthiness was outstanding. She commands respect from everyone when she enters the room and she does not back down. Yet everything that she does is totally honest and ethical. She knows good strategy. I received a very fair settlement thanks to her. I cannot express enough appreciation to her for the excellent job that she did for me. Kathryn and her staff are the best in Dallas. I highly recommend her.” -Glenda, 2014

“Kathryn Murphy did an amazing job as my divorce attorney. She is incredibly professional, intelligent and trustworthy. My divorce was difficult and Kathryn walked me through it with ease and grace. What I appreciated most about Kathryn was her desire to take the high road, approach everything with values and morals and conduct the divorce with civility and respect even though that was not always reciprocated on the other side. I respect and appreciate Kathryn Murphy immensely.”  -Kim, 2014

“Kathryn Murphy was instrumental during my divorce process and continues to be now even two years after the fact. Her counsel has an immeasurable value. She consistently goes above and beyond the call in providing thorough information and prompt responses to any of my questions or situations. I feel I can contact Kathryn with any question regarding my legal issues and she happily responds, no matter what the issue. She always explains things to me so that I can easily understand how it relates to my specific decree and rights/responsibilities outlined in said decree. Her advice has been crucial during difficult legal issues regarding my ex-husband and how things are spelled out in our decree. She is a true professional and also a very relatable lawyer that really understands my needs and helps educate her clients to get them the best possible outcome. She remains a trusted resource that I go to for follow-up questions pertaining to my specific decree or any other issues that surface since my divorce was final in 2011. Anyone would be lucky to have her representing them.” -Andrea, 2014

“Kathryn was very knowledgeable in the Divorce process. She made me feel confident and answered every single question with clear details and patience. She always checked with me if i was OK with the terms and helped me understand the pros and cons to each of the terms that i was agreeing too. She has a wonderful team and they very quick in responding to my concerns. She took into consideration my priorities related to kids and other important issues” – Anonymous, 2014

“Kathryn Murphy represented me in a very high profile divorce with much at stake. Her professionalism, knowledge of the law and legal advice was superior. Kathryn has the highest level of integrity and honesty which assisted me in a favorable outcome. Trustworthy, incredible responsive time and honest billing further describe Kathryn and the firm. After much diligence with some of the most noted divorce attorney’s in town, I chose Katheryn. Her stellar reputation for successful outcomes, her excellent in depth understanding of the law and how it applies in cases of divorce to the privacy and protection provided to her clients. Kathryn’s reputation of being one of the BEST in Dallas is 100% accurate. Her swift, tenacious ability to out work and out smart her competition were some of the reasons I chose to engage Kathryn’s services. Furthermore, the emotional support and advice Kathryn provided during a very difficult time was incredibly helpful and always in line with my objective and my best interest at heart. She listened to my concerns, addressed all my questions, welcomed my objections and assisted me in not acting on emotion but rather with truth, logic and understanding of the law allowing me to make informed, accurate decisions throughout the process . This divorce involved high net worth individuals, family businesses, and more importantly the health and welfare of small children and their futures. Kathryn will go above and beyond, it is her nature and she takes her obligation to her clients very serious. The experience overall with Kathryn and her staff were excellent in all areas throughout the entire process. I never think twice when referring Kathryn as i know every client is equally important and will have the BEST and one of the most brillent lawyers representing them.” -Angela, 2014

“When I first met Aimee I was terrified. I didn’t see the divorce coming and my spouse had already hired another top Dallas firm. He had deep pockets. I was a stay-at-home mother. I was in shock and ignorant about my rights. My life seemed to be falling apart and I felt helpless. I was immediately impressed by Aimee’s demeanor. She is articulate, professional and confident. She listened intently to me during my consultation. She advised me that my situation was “unsustainable” and explained the strengths of my position. Aimee said to mark the date on my calendar because in a year’s time my life would be transformed for the better. I chose the collaborative process and Aimee brought the best team of professionals to my case. The process is slow, but deliberate. At times I was frustrated, but Aimee was always responsive. She was sensitive to my budget and I never felt “nickeled and dimed.” She returned my calls and emails promptly. She is in demand and has a busy schedule, but she always made me feel that my case was important. I believed she cared. The collaborative process broke down despite our best efforts, so Aimee advised we move to mediation. Again, the judge she engaged was tough, fair and wise. It was a grueling day and Aimee fought hard. In the end she won the best settlement possible and I am sure I couldn’t have found a better advocate. So a year latter, Aimee has made good on her promise. My life truly is transformed. My retirement is secure and my debts are paid. I have a great job, a bit of money in the bank and a charming little house where my child can grow and thrive. Aimee’s confidence is contagious- I am no longer scared. Indeed, the future seems bright and full of promise thanks to Aimee’s skill, vision, and tenacity to win the best possible settlement for her clients.” – Anonymous, 2013

“I didn’t know anything about Aimee Pingenot when I chose her to be my divorce attorney. However, five minutes after meeting her for the first time, I knew I had lucked out. She is very bright and focused on the business at hand. She can be tough at times, but she can also be compassionate as she helped me get through some rough moments in my divorce process. I have nothing but praise for Aimee and her staff. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anybody that needs a family law attorney.” – Fred, 2013

“I would highly recommend Aimee. She kept me sane, kept me up to date at all times and worked tirelessly to resolve my case in the least expensive manner as possible. Although my case turned into a long drawn out event, I never felt that Aimee overcharged me or “nickle and dimed” me for each email/phone call/update. Her billing was very fair and accurate and I never questioned any charges. She is worth her weight in gold. Her team is on target, up to date and was always there for me when I needed them. She is an amazing person as well as an excellent lawyer!” – Lea, 2013

“I’ll keep this simple and brief. Money well spent during a very difficult and complicated divorce. Hiring her was the best decision I could have made!! She saved my financial life and I am most grateful for her services.” -Anonymous, 2015

“I was referred to Anita Savage by a friend. My first experience with her, made me feel confident in her ability and made me able to relax about my pending divorce. Anita Savage is a good listener, is able to understand complex issues, and always gave me excellent advice. I appreciate her straight forward approach and was a little sad, after my case was settled, when she said good bye and she “Hope never to see you again”. I realize that was the appropriate thing considering my case, but I still felt like I was losing a friend.” -Kevin, 2014

“I started my work with Anita as a client and ended as a friend. I love her to death. I have been around the block a time or two with Lawyers of all types and in all sorts of situations. Trust me, when the S… hits the fan you want someone at your side that cares more about you than themselves. Anita is that person and the exception to every greedy gut Lawyer I have had the opportunity to work with in my past. She is above all, kind and considerate. Anita truly cares about the client and an outcome that effects the innocent children caught in the middle of adult mistakes. If Anita ever called on me for help of any kind I am sure I would be one of many that would line up for the honor of doing so.” -Jeffrey, 2014

“She represent my boyfriend in a child support an visitation rights He is so thankful for her services she did more than what we expect She treat us with respect and she is a very honest person We thank GOD for her.” -Sara, 2013

“I will always be grateful to Anita and her team for their concern, knowledge and patience during a very difficult time in my life. They were always available and went beyond any expectations to make sure I was being protected. They gave me strength when I didn’t have any and a voice when I wasn’t being heard. Thank you to everyone who was part of my divorce case. Thank you so much Anita, Tyra and Larry for your hard work and not being afraid to take on any challenge that came your way.” -Pam, 2013